An Angelic Healing

Remember my friend Heidi ?

She was in a psychiatric hospital after trying to commit suicide?

That one time with Heidi

I had promised to visit her at the psychiatric unit she was calling home for a while.

So on the next week-end after she came to my office to explain me about her suicide attempt during Christmas time, I went to visit her.

I was very scared to go because I didn’t know what to expect from a psychiatric ward. And apparently it is not advised for sensitive intuitive people / empath to go to such places.

But my friend needed my help … and chocolate. And what kind of friend would refuse to bring another friend chocolate in time of need? (especially in Switzerland)

And so I went.

In the tram leading to the hospital, I was mentally preparing what I was going to tell her.

What do you say to somebody who wants to die?

I figured out I had 2 options: either I reprimand her, shame her for what she had done: “Think about your parents, etc.”, and explain her about reincarnations and suicide and how it is really bad for you;

or I can be supportive: “I totally understand you were in a bad situation. Maybe in the same circumstances, I, too, would have done the same. Everything will be Ok now, etc.”

I was conflicted because I didn’t want to tell Heidi that what she did was Ok, but on the other hand I didn’t think it would help her a lot if I expressed my disapproval to her, my disappointment. Especially since I was still feeling guilty for not having seen that she was suicidal earlier.

That’s when I remember to ask the Angels for help.

“Please help me help her! I want her to feel better after my visit. Tell me what I should tell her.”

There was no answer.

I decided that face to face with Heidi, I would then know what to say.

It turned out I didn’t need to be conflicted or nervous because I was not able to say a single word.

Heidi was too busy showing me around the ward, telling me about the rules, about the activities they had for the residents, about how they tried to make her dance and she told them to f…k off, about this woman who snores so bad, about the “super crazy, better not talk to him or look him in the eyes” long-term resident, about the super cute doctor, about how they didn’t sell chocolate there – hence I had to bring some, about her Christmas holidays, about her parents, about her little brother who turned out to be super-protective of his big sister, etc.

I was only saying:




“Yes, I understand”.

She was speaking and speaking and speaking when I started to notice something weird. The energy in the room started to feel lighter. Heidi was smiling. When I had arrived she looked tired, gloomy, defeated, in pain. When I left, she was smiling, shining from the inside. Her broken body didn’t allow her to dance but her soul was definitely skipping with joy.

We said our good-byes, I promised to come back with more chocolate. And in the tram bringing me back home I wondered what happened during the afternoon. I hadn’t done a thing. I was just there, present, attentive, and something happened.

“It was you?”, I asked the Angels, “wasn’t it?”

“Yes, you asked us to help Heidi and we helped.”, they simply answered. 

Sometimes it is hard to remember to ask our Angels for help. We often think we can, or we have to, do everything on our own. But it is not true. Our heavenly helpers best know how to heal a situation and they can make sure we know it too. They comprehend far more than what we will ever understand seeing the situation from this Earthly plane with our human eyes. And they can bring in miracles if the situation so requires.

So ask!

From the “Daily Guidance from your Angels” Oracle cards, by Doreen Virtue

Sending you Love and Light,


PS: If this story resonated with you, leave a comment below. I would love to hear your stories.

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