A Story of Angels and the Holocaust

In honour of the International Day of Commemoration in Memory of the Victims of the Holocaust (January, 27), I would like to present a book titled Dialogues avec l’ange transcribed by Gitta Mallasz.

Here is the English edition, Talking to Angels:


I first heard about this book inside the book Inquiry into the existence of Guardian Angels by Pierre Jovanovic.


He was describing how investigating the subject of guardians Angels (do they exist?) he stumbled upon this book. What attracted his attention was the fact that the book was originally written in Hungarian, which he speaks since his grand-mother came from Hungary. Moreover the book cover didn’t hold the name nor the photo of the author, which in the edition world is very unusual. Gita always insisted that she was not the author of the Dialogues but merely the scribe. Pierre met with Gitta and was convinced her experiences were real.

wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gitta_Mallasz

Gitta Mallasz in 1983

First published in French in 1976, then later translated in 20 languages, it has changed people’s life. Juliette Binoche, the famous French actress, describes how this book transformed her from the inside out, and helped her better understand her role as an actress in our society. http://www.cles.com/debats-entretiens/article/juliette-et-l-ange

The story is very gripping. Gitta describes very well the slow rise of the Nazis, the invasion of Hungary in 1944, with it the start of the jews deportation. All this gives the book the impression of a net that tightens its grip around her and her friends. The end is well known, only Gitta will survive: the others were deported and died in a camp.

In 1943, in Hungary, the jews persecution had already started and the Nazis were knocking on the door of Hungary. In the words of Gitta: “we had the feeling that we were living on the edge of a cliff. Collective blindness was on the rise, along with a flood of organised political lies. If something was promised by the Nazis, for instance, one could be sure that just the opposite would occur.” [Does it reming you of anything?] “A strong desire was welling in us to find the truth – our truth – beneath so much deception”.

Gitta and her friend Hanna, and her husband, Joseph, decide to move out of Budapest (the capital) and rent a little house in the countryside to recover some serenity. Another friend, Lilli, will meet them there often. All four were on a spiritual path to better themselves.

Hanna and her husband Joseph

One afternoon, Gitta and Hanna decide to write a little essay on their personal problems in order to gain some clarity. When Gitta starts to read what she had written, Hanna remarks that nothing she had written is new and that she didn’t put in any efforts into the exercise.

Suddenly Hanna’s body gets tense and she just has time to utter: “Careful it is not I who will speak now!”

And another voice speak through Hanna: “Enough of your shallow questions! It is time for you to assume responsibility for yourself!”.

And so began the Dialogs with the Angels.

Each Friday at 3pm the “Messengers” will come and teach each friends.

Here are some excerpts:

“Faith glows with fire … the fog lightens.

The seeing … see.

The hearing … hear.

The dying … live.

The living … bear witness.”


“What the Divine creates is sacred.





You have called forth good and evil.

Choose the good and evil will disappear,

for no one is there to create it.”



This book is hard to read and may necessitate several re-reading to grasp every concept but each time it is like Divine Light nourishing your soul. It will turn off some of you but I think it is very relevant today. 

Sending you Love & Light,


PS: to read more excerpts of the book for free:


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