Heidi <3 Peter ... or an unexpected healing

“Oh noooooooo, not this guy. God, we need to talk, you made a mistake.”

That’s what I thought as soon as I learnt who Heidi’s new boyfriend was.

Heidi, my friend (not her real name), was languishing in the psychiatric yard that had now become her second house, after her suicide attempt.

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Each time someone I know, did a suicide attempt and then later got help from a psychiatrist, I always thought: Ok good, now they will get better and next week, next month, we can put this behind us.

But it never worked like this.

For example, my friend Heidi was going in and out of the psychiatric hospital. Sometimes staying only the nights there, sometimes spending only the days there going to therapy. The intense pain she was feeling in her back hadn’t disappear. Her PhD thesis was not getting written by itself and she was way behind. Worse, she had committed two additional suicide attempts since the first one.

And I started to get tired of seeing my friend not getting better, not getting the right kind of help, not being able to move on.

At the same time I was receiving messages from the Angels: You are a natural born healer. You can heal through your hands. You are here to help. Blah blah blah.

So, frustrated, one night, I decided to go for it.

I invoked Archangel Raphael, the healing Angel, whose name means: It is God who heals.

Or actually, I told him to get his ass down here; because I was very frustrated. That’s Ok Archangels and Angels don’t care about our tone of voice, they only respond to the intensity of our need.

So here he was. Not really “there” because I was not a powerful clairvoyant at this time, but I knew he was there and I could feel his messages.

And I told him:

“It has been long enough with Heidi now. She still suffers from her back. The doctors don’t find anything wrong with her. I am a healer apparently. So let’s heal her. You tell me what to do. I’ll do it. And tomorrow it’s done! Heidi will get better, finish her PhD, and no more suicide attempts!”

No!”, he said firmly.

“Whaaat?”, I was in shock.

No! This is not a case where you pray and I performed a miracle, and the next day it is all better.

“Is it because I am not really a healer?”, I did not understand.

That’s not it. In this case, it will not work because Heidi chose all the things that happened to her. All her health problems were chosen and accepted by her soul as a way to grow. And it is not your business to interfere.

Well, that was harsh. I know some souls who incarnate here on Earth would choose physical pains or other kind of challenges in order to learn life lessons, redeem some karma, etc.; and I knew it is a difficult subject to understand and not even me could understand it properly, yet. But I still wanted to help.

I see you are sad.”, Raphael said. “But don’t worry, one day the doctors will find a solution to her back problem. The health challenges will disappear and this part of her life will be behind her.

And it was true. Three years later, some doctor found a pinched nerve in her spinal column and organised some therapy.

“It is not fair”, I told the Archangel. “She is going through this all alone. She has no one.”

Her parents and big brother lived too far away to visit frequently, and her little brother got suddenly very busy with a new job. She didn’t have many friends around. And I was visiting when I could but I couldn’t be there all the time and also she didn’t want me to.

What could help her?, I wondered. Suddenly, I had an illumination:

“Can I pray for her to find a boyfriend, then?”, I asked Archangel Raphaël, “Would that be allowed?”

Yes, that you can pray for!

And so I did.

The method I used was this: I intuitively choose a crystal from the many crystal I own to amplify my prayer. Then I wrote a prayer on a piece of paper, generally defining what I wanted, but finishing by “that or something better God”, to leave God and the Angels some flexibility on how I wanted my prayer to be answered.  And then I left the prayer below the crystal for an undetermined amount of time.

Three weeks later, Heidi changed her Facebook profile picture. A man was hugging her in this one. I asked her who was that guy. It’s just a friend she said. I realised she didn’t want to elaborate and thought, hum, maybe she has a new boyfriend. She started to post more and more photos of the same guy, and 2 weeks later, I asked her again, who was that guy?

She said it was Peter (not his real name) and was in fact her boyfriend. She had met him at the psychiatric unit. He was there for the same thing as the others in the same unit: suicide!


“Oh noooooooo, not this guy. God, we need to talk, you made a mistake.”

I was so afraid they would decide on a suicide pact and end their lives together. And also, is another suicidal guy the perfect boyfriend for a suicidal girl?

What was wrong with God?

But nothing dramatic happened and God knows better than me, as always.

Peter and Heidi did great together.

Peter is in fact a mathematical genius, who is probably too clever for this world and has problems to integrate. But he started to get better and better after meeting Heidi and left the psychiatric yard weeks later. He went back to live in his flat, completed his (2) master’s degree and enrolled in a PhD program in informatics. He was so gifted that his professor decided to let him teach a few of his classes.

Heidi was also doing better and she soon met his family. They were so happy and grateful to meet her, and she was received like the daughter they never had. Soon she was able to defend her PhD and later got a well paid job at an insurance company.

I had the feeling my job was done and that she was in good hands.

I moved out of the country and we didn’t keep in touch. The last news I received from her was that they were engaged and had a new cat.

I did’t expect any of this would happen when I ask Archangel Raphaël for help with healing my friend’s back but now I realise the power of prayer.

You can, even if you think there is nothing you can do to help in this situation, you can ask the Angels for help and they can work on your behalf or they will enlighten you on what you can actually do to help.

Sending you Love & Light,


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