My Angelic Soul Alignment Experience

My brain is wired differently than some other people’s.

After I gave birth to my second son, in Mexico, I went to my doctor for the mandatory appointment, 6 weeks after birth. And before I left, he told me to come back again 6 months later but to have some blood tests done before. I took the receipt he was handing me and it looked like normal blood tests. Six months later, I looked at the receipt again to see what tests I needed to do, when I realized I had to have an “analysis de l’alma” (in Spanish) which means an analysis of the soul. You cannot imagine how excited I was! I couldn’t wait. Finally I was going to know the secrets of my Soul! I didn’t know how the lab would do that but I was certainly looking forward to it. So I took my baby with me and we were on our way. When I arrived there, the nurse took my receipt, put my name down and asked me: “Do you have your urine sample with you?”

“My what?”

She showed me the last line on the receipt: analysis de urea (urine analysis)!

Oh??! You want to analyze my pee? not my Soul? Sure, it makes more sense! I thought. Disappointed, my baby and I drove back home. I couldn’t believe it. I was so close to get a Soul analysis.

“Remember Christina is offering some Soul readings?”, my Angels offered.

Oh yeah, that’s right. I had received her newsletter earlier in the year. She was offering a “Soul reading and karma releasing” session. It sounded interesting and I completely trusted Christina’s gift but the price had seemed too high for me.

I looked at her website again.

“Do you wonder who you are at soul level, what your divine gifts and talents are or what your soul’s purpose is?”

“Our soul desires nothing more than to live our purpose, to share our gifts and to be who we truly are. It’s what makes us happy and fulfilled.

Unfortunately, most of us have forgotten who we are as a soul and feel trapped in karmic patterns that we have taken on in previous lifetimes. These karmic patterns, which are manifesting as patterns of fear, keep playing out in our current life and are blocking us from embracing our gifts and purpose.

By becoming aware of the roots of your current life issues and clearing your karma, you are able to break through that invisible wall that you have been beating your head against and remember who you are as a soul, embrace your gifts and start living your purpose.”

I had wondered about my past lives many times. I had tried the meditation “Past Life Regression With the Angels” by Doreen Virtue but didn’t get much information.

I had been thinking more and more about my past lives lately. I was frustrated that I couldn’t remember anything. I wouldn’t dream about my past lives. The mediations wouldn’t work. And I paid for a (cheap) past lives reading on but again I didn’t receive any valuable information.

I thought that if I could remember what I was doing in past lives, meaning what was my job, or actually what is my Soul purpose here on Earth, it would be easier to know what to do in this life. I was at a point where I knew I had to write and share my experiences with the world and also to start a spiritual business but I hadn’t started anything, yet.

I saw Christina was offering a 20-minute FREE Soul Discovery Session over Skype to find out if this was for you, so I asked her to speak with me.

I don’t remember what we spoke about. I know she explained to me what she was going to do and how it would help me pursue my life purpose. She offered me a special combination: a Soul Reading, a Karma Releasing Session and a Soul Manifesting Reading to help me get started on my spiritual business. But I could still not wrap my brain around what it would mean for me. And I thought I couldn’t afford it. Christina had said it is something you only have to do once in your life. My Angels approved! But I continued arguing with the Angels over the price.

“What are you complaining about? You have the money!” said the Angels. “You will not regret it. It is just something you have to do.”

They were right: I had more than enough money to pay for the sessions but somehow I didn’t want to. At this moment Christina’s email arrived with the invoice.

“Don’t think about it! Just type your credit card number and click send. Just do it before you change your mind.”, they urged me.

I clicked and panicked. What I had done? I felt in great danger like I had done something terribly wrong but it was too late. Of course, I was worried for nothing. It must have been my ego trying to deter me from the big changes that were about to happen in my life.

Christina started to work on my records. We were to meet a week later to give her enough time to open my Akashic records, retrieve my informations and ask my Angels to heal and undo what needed to be healed and undone so my Soul could be free. And boy, did she have a lot of work to do!

It is difficult to express what happened but let me say this:

Before I had several, various to-do lists all over the place but was not actually doing anything for years, now I have a blog and a running website.

Before I couldn’t connect with people, now I give Intuitive Readings.

Before nobody would speak to me in a group situation, I was always isolated, now people come to me and ask me to sit with them.

Before my light was not so present in my body, now it is shining bright and people take notice and some are attracted to my energy.

Before I felt guilty, afraid, not deserving when I was thinking about my life purpose, now I feel inexplicably happy, joyful, and really excited for what is yet to come.

The difference was so striking, from one day to the next, that I know for certain that I wouldn’t have been able to do my work without releasing some of my karma. A sign I received that a shift had happened was at the gym: I had been going to the same gym at the same time everyday for almost a year and the women in my class were very polite and greeting me each morning but nobody was really speaking to me. The day after the karmic release, a woman came to me and said: “I was meaning to ask you earlier but never dared: are you French?” Yes, I am. She had a French friend which I reminded her of and she wanted to know more about me!

Now let me share with you my Angelic Soul Alignment experience.

The Soul Reading:

First, Christina gave me a lot of useful information about what the essence of my Soul is. That’s the “good” part of the reading. Thank God, I have a beautiful Soul! And I am sure, you do too!

I learned that my Soul was born on another planet than Earth where the inhabitants are kind of “warriors for the light”, which sounds really cool. They are strong, practical, analytical, technical and overall have a lot of “mental” energy but they don’t relate to emotions. Because my Soul was created to express Divine Love and Divine Healing, which is almost the opposite of what the people of this planet are about, I went later to another planet to explore a different way of doing and feeling things.

This second planet is the planet from which most Indigo and Crystal people, and other “new children” are coming from and there I was better able to express my Soul’s energy which comes from the heart.

It was very interesting to realize that the dichotomy I felt throughout my entire life has its roots in the very make-up of my Soul. As a child I was very much attracted to mathematics and science as well as arts and literature. I wanted to work in biological research but I also wanted to give Tarot readings, sell some astrological reports, learn how to travel in the astral planes, and write fairy tales.

And now I know why I was so attracted to both sides of the same coin.

Christina also made a list of all the spiritual gifts I was given: clairvoyance, for instance. One of my expertise is to be able to see the truth in someone else’s situation and to help people step into their truth, find their voice, remove the blocks they feel and restore the truth, in a way.

Blocks and Restrictions:

Second, Christina speaks about karma. That’s the “not so good” part of the reading where she explains what negative choices you made in your past lives.

Sometimes we decide to do something that is against our Soul’s values because it makes sense, or because we feel forced to, or because we feel guilty. By making these negative choices, we are also creating blocks and restrictions, in the way our Soul expresses itself and in the way it receive God’s energy: that’s the karma.

Our Soul will take on these karmic patterns lifetimes after lifetimes until we are able to resolve them. This repetition of patterns is the way our Soul will try to bring the karmic blocks to our attention.

Two karmic patterns will I speak about today are a vow of silence and a loyalty pact.

  • the vow of silence:

Nine lifetimes ago, I was a woman in a religious group (maybe a nun) and during the initiation process I took a vow of silence.

The same happened to many other lightworkers: because we came to Earth to serve the Divine Light, we are, at times, naturally attracted by religious groups (any world religion/spirituality) and we would become priests, nuns, etc. But during the initiation process, we take vows such as a vow of poverty and/or a vow of abstinence and/or a vow of silence. And because these vows are very heartfelt, they go very deep and are still active in the coming lifetimes.

In my case, I took a vow of silence which translated in my current life as not being able to “speak” my truth. That’s why it took so long for me to be able to start a blog, for instance. That’s why it was very difficult for me to connect with other people, like being alone in a crowd, or feeling, and sometimes seeing in my mind’s eye, a kind of a wall between me and other people.

My Life Purpose as being the speaker for the Divine Truth was compromised, and maybe that’s why the Angels insisted on me looking at my past lives.

  • the “pact”:

Five lifetimes ago, I made a pact of loyalty with some men.

About 250-500 years ago, I was a woman in a -maybe rich- family which had some kind of prestige. I had a younger sister, whom my parents decided would marry a man coming from a family friend of ours. Somehow I fell in love with him and we became lovers. Because their marriage was arranged I didn’t realize my sister was actually in love with him and anyways, she was not supposed to find out about our liaison. But I got pregnant and everybody came to know! And my little sister got very hurt. And I started to feel very guilty of the pain I had caused her.

Then there was a meeting between my father, the fiancé and his father to determine what they would do with me. I was presented with a choice: either I would go away for some time under the pretense of studying but in reality to deliver the baby and give him away for adoption and come back to my family and pretend nothing happened; or I could leave my father’s house right this minute.

So, I made the pact with these three men to abandon the baby at birth, and pretend nothing happened and also swear loyalty to the family. I guess I didn’t have much of a choice because during this historical time period, I would have been pregnant in the streets with no employment perspective, probably obliged to prostitute myself in order to provide for me and the baby.

Because of this pact, even more problems to express myself were created, such as a fear to speak in public, a fear of telling my truth, and if I did manage to speak, I would loose a lot of energy. It also resulted in me being “loyal” to people or institutions or beliefs, even if they did not resonate with my Soul.

And the shame I felt for my attitude towards my sister and my unborn baby created a lot of self-criticism and self-doubt, like an invisible voice constantly abusing me verbally in my head. It also created a feeling of penitence, as in “I should be punished for what I did”, meaning that I would feel guilty every time I would receive something “good” from the Divine Source.

I don’t remember any of the things I just wrote but it clearly makes sense in my current life. A number of patterns are now explained:

  • I have relationship problems with my little sister and I always feel guilty and responsible for her problems and her unhappiness.
  • Many of my girlfriends would not trust me around their boyfriend/husband. Even if, in this life, I never “stole” a man from another woman, nor did I dreamed to.
  • As a teenager and a young adult, my biggest fear was to not be able to support myself financially later in life and being forced to prostitute myself in order to feed my children [children who would be born only 20 years later].

… and even more.

And some strange occurrences in my present life.

During our rehearsal dinner before our wedding, our families came together and we were having a discussion. One of our guest asked my husband and me, if we were planning on having kids. We said yes and they asked us for names. We said that so far we had agreed on “Luna”, if it was a girl.

When I got pregnant with my first child, my sister-in-law and my brother also got pregnant and were due 3 months after me. My baby was a boy but their baby was a girl. We asked them for the name they choose. They replied “It‘s a surprise, we don’t want to say it now.” Months later, I receive a text one morning, saying “Luna was born …”

Without any warning and without any explanations, they had stolen the name I wanted for my baby. It troubled me greatly and I soon started to think that they had, in fact, stolen my baby. I imagined that because I had been a bad person, or I had done something wrong, baby Luna who was supposed to be born with me, decided instead to be born to my brother and sister-in-law.

Thankfully I was able to speak about it during an Angel Reading with my friend Anna (from who reassured me that the baby was never meant for me and that she loved me very much. After meeting Luna, and feeling her energy, I realized that, indeed, I was never meant to be her mom in this lifetime. Nobody stole her from me.

I always felt a strong loyalty to my mom since childhood. This loyalty was a bit too pronounced because I was trying to forget very hard who I was in order to become who my mom wanted me to be, for example, taking on her likes and dislikes and pretending they were also mine.

Funny story. One day, when I was a little girl, Mom confided to me something really important to her: the best clothes detergent, and she tried them all, was Ariel liquid (not the powder form). And she made me promise to always buy Ariel and nothing else. When I moved out of my parents house and had to buy the detergent myself, I remembered her words but I wanted to try something different than what my mom was dictating. Looking at all the detergents on the shelf, I cannot tell you how hard it was to choose a different brand and walk away with it, go to the cash register and pay for it. I felt like betraying my mom and not being grateful for all the things she did for me. All of this because of a stupid detergent.

A part of me knew that I had to break away from this ”pact” but still it felt hard and I felt guilty for a long time.

Thanks to Christina and the work we performed together, which took about 3 weeks, I was able to release and heal these blocks and the other blocks I didn’t write about.

Signs from the Divine:

The next thing we did was a “Soul Manifesting Reading”. Christina explained to me more about how my Soul works: what are the best ways for me to express my soul in the here and now. It is useful if you want to build a spiritual business, because if you are trying to force yourself to do something that is not working for your Soul, you will not be very successful at that particular thing. Christina gave me a lot of information and advice but just after the reading, something magical happened. We were finished on Skype and I had about 10 minutes to put on my shoes and leave the house to pick up my kids from school. As I was closing the entrance door, a very big electric blue butterfly came to me to say hello. It was basically the blue butterfly emoji from Apple, a Morpho sp.

Morpho butterfly

 I had been to Mexico many times for holidays before and I had been living there for about a year, never I have ever seen such butterfly there and I never saw one again. I didn’t even know that these butterflies were native to Mexico. 

Butterflies are sign of the Divine, and it told me that I was on the right path and I was going to do great things. I felt it was also a sign of the Universe saying “thank you for this undertaking”.

Electric blue Morpho butterfly – 12$ at the

Another magical sign occurred after the last day of the healing. Christina brought me to the Angel Temple for healing during a meditation. With the Archangels, I again released one by one, all the blocks and then they performed a healing on each of my chakras, etc. When I came back into my body, I felt very very heavy and compressed because of the pressure difference between the Temple and the Earth and suddenly … I had wings. Angel wings! Very very big! Huge wings! So heavy it was difficult to move around.

It was a sign that I released something that was blocking me. In a way, I was now spreading my wings. We all have “wings” as it is a sign of our Divine make-up and the more you are aware of your spiritual gifts, the more you can feel and see your wings.

In conclusion:

I remember asking Christina: when was the last lifetime when I was able to use my spiritual gifts (as a healer, for ex.) to help the world?

Her answer broke my heart: not for a while, not for maybe the last 10 lifetimes. Because of the society at the time, there was not really a possibility to be a spiritual healer, or something to that effect. Therefore my Soul was not fully expressed for many many years and lifetimes. It felt like such a waste!

Now I feel like with the karmic release and the help of the Divine Source, the Angels, my spiritual guides, I have a real shot at this. It has been a year now since Christina and I worked together and I still feel I’m the same person but I feel free and empowered. It’s like Divine Inspiration flows through me.

I know when I write my blogposts that I am living my life purpose and that I am bringing healing to the World. Not everyday, but often, the words flow effortlessly through me. Often I wonder what I should be doing next and “pouf” it appears in my mind, magically.

I wish you the same easiness in your life.

I wish you the same freedom.

I wish for you to be able to fully express your Soul in this lifetime.

I wish for you to have clarity about your Life Purpose.

Read my next post to learn more about Christina’s work, Life Purpose, past-lives and Karma.

If you want to release your karmic blocks, you can try this meditation from Doreen Virtue:

If you want to work with Christina Sander, here is the link:

Sending you Love & Light,


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  1. Another highly interesting article, thanks for sharing this Gretta! I’ve had a couple soul alignment readings with Christina as well and found them very insightful, and was able to break through some big blocks in my life and business afterwards. I can relate very much to your experience of feeling attracted to “both sides of the coin” as well 🙂 I’ve always been highly scientific, but also equally interested in all the right-brained stuff. Many of us computer brains have had lifetimes in Atlantis, but we’ve also had incarnations in more feminine worlds such as Lemuria and Avalon, so we have strongly developed feminine and masculine sides. Sending much love & I can’t wait to read more! 🙂 P.S. I got your email and will reply asap!

    1. Thanks Anna! 😊 It is my wish that whoever needs it, find this article, understands what a Soul Alignment is, and go for it. I hope my testimony will help. Lots of Love 💕, Gretta

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