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In honour of International Woman’s day 2017, I would like to introduce a woman that had a significant impact on my spiritual path. She is an Angel Therapy Practitioner and offers Intuitive Readings in which she connects with our Angels, the Archangels, and our spiritual guides to give us messages on how to improve our life, to remove blocks, to clear our energy. Here is Christina Sander.

Christina Sander as mermaid

The first time I met Christina was in Zurich (Switzerland) in 2011, where she was visiting me to give me an Angel Reading. She left me in tears with a sensation of being cleaned up from the inside out. It was a very transformational moment and since then, we stayed in touch, and she gave me several other in-depth readings. The last healing we had together was a “Angelic Soul Alignment”  session, after which I was able to start my blog, give Intuitive Readings and write this very interview with her at this moment.

Aloha Christina! Thanks for answering my questions.

Hello Gretta! It’s my pleasure. I’m honored to do this interview with you!

We met 6 years ago and a lot has changed since then. I had two babies, you got married, we both evolved on our spiritual path.

But our last interaction was about you looking into my akashic records.

-Would you explain to us what the akashic records are and what you do exactly with them?

The akashic records are like a spiritual library located in a higher dimension that can be accessed intuitively. You can imagine it like a library located on the internet. Each soul has a record in this library. Some people also call it the ‘Book of Life’. This book contains information about the soul and has recorded all the data from the soul’s current incarnation as well as all previous incarnations.

By accessing someone’s akashic record I receive information about a soul’s background, what the soul’s essence is and how it wants to express it. This gives people a lot of information about who they truly are, what their gifts are and what their purpose is, because our purpose is to express our soul’s essence in one way or another.

By Vlad, from

My soul for example is a teacher soul. That’s my essence. It desires nothing more than to help people change their lives, to bring them into the light and for them to realize who they truly are. It’s one of my gifts to see their true essence. Since my soul has been to many different planets (I call myself a traveler soul) I have great insight and understanding of what I have seen and learned on those planets. I don’t consciously remember all of this, but when I look into the akashic records of another soul, this wisdom that my soul carries helps me to see and understand the background of many other souls.

I can also look into a soul’s karmic history and see what kinds of blocks this soul has taken on at soul level, as well as the original life circumstances where the soul has created the karma. As souls, we take our karma into our next incarnation(s), because the soul desires to resolve that karma while in a body. Therefore souls often creates a pre-birth plan that has elements in it to reactivate the karmic pattern they haven’t been able to resolve in previous lifetimes.

For example, if a soul experienced a situation in a past life where it felt helpless and wasn’t able to change its circumstances, it starts to believe it’s powerless. In this life this soul might choose circumstances again where it feels helpless, because it wants to realize its own power and break free of that fear-based pattern of helplessness.

Once we are aware where our karma is coming from and can identify its pattern and lesson(s), we can clear it. For that I work with the Archangels to help clear the karma on an energetic level, which helps my clients to then resolve the karmic patterns in their life on the mental, emotional and physical level. Once the karma is resolved on all levels, we stop attracting according experiences, because there is no resonance within us any longer.

Christina as a mermaid

-Karma? I think people are confused about the term.

I see karma as energetic patterns that are based on fear. Very often these patterns start by us taking on negative beliefs — beliefs that from the perspective of the soul are not true. An example is the belief ‘I am not powerful’. We normally don’t take on beliefs like that randomly, they often evolve out of a difficult or even traumatic situation or because we did something we feel guilt or shame for.

I don’t believe in the classic good deeds resolve bad karma concept. I don’t even believe in good karma, because on the soul level we are pure, powerful, divine beings and therefore abundant, beautiful and deeply loving. In that state we don’t have any karma. As souls we don’t need to work for good things, for abundance and love, it’s a given, and we share freely. It’s our soul’s natural state. And once a person has done something that it considers bad, his/her soul has a deep desire to resolve the created karma and to let go of all the guilt that comes with it. On a soul level we don’t get punished because we did something bad, we are mostly punishing ourselves and our soul wants to resolve this and therefore often plans difficult challenges into its next lifetime in the hope that these challenges will help the person to forgive and realize its divine essence and let go of the karma it has created.

-What do you remember of your past lives?

 The first memory of a past life came to me when I was around 18. It was before I even started reading about angels. I had this very distinct feeling of knowing how it is to be raped. But I also knew that that hadn’t happened to me in this lifetime and it only made sense to me that my soul had experienced this in the past, but I didn’t know for sure. A few years later I experienced my first past life regression and I immediately went to this experience. I had a very gentle guide who was able to help me go back to that lifetime, to the moments before the traumatic incident happened. I was able to see very clearly what was going on and even remembered my name in that lifetime. When the attack was going to happen he guided me forward in time so I wouldn’t experience the trauma again. This regression confirmed for me that my feelings were real and not just a construct of my mind.

Since then I have remembered many other lifetimes. Often it is just a small snippet, a few pieces of information, a picture or a scene that I remember, not the whole lifetime. Some of these memories just came to me at certain places or because I asked questions. Others I have recollected during meditations or guided past life regressions. I also have a few vague memories of other planets.

Christina Sander

-You (and I, I think) lived in Lemuria, Atlantis, and Avalon? Many lightworkers came to Earth since the very beginning of civilisation.

Yes! I first started to have memories about Avalon when I read the book ‘Priestess of Avalon’ by Marion Zimmer Bradley. Reading this book, especially the first part of it that took place on the Island of Avalon, felt like remembering something I have long forgotten. I had this feeling of knowing that certain things she wrote in the book were not fantasy, but memories, and I knew those things were really like she described.

The same thing happened to me with the same book! In fact, the first time I met you, I felt like we were “sisters”, as in we belonged to the same sisterhood, in Avalon.

Later I was introduced to Atlantis by the book ‘Discover Atlantis’ written by Diana Cooper. It also felt like remembering something I have seen and experienced before.

With Lemuria it was a little bit different. I have heard about it, but haven’t read much about this topic. When I attended the Atlantean Healing™ Practitioner Course we first did a soul journey to Lemuria to experience the ways the priestesses in the Lemurian Healing Temple healed before we went to Atlantis. I realized that I had been to Lemuria before in a meditation and that I feel a deep connection to it. I also realized that the Hawaiian Islands have a very similar energy to Lemuria and it was one of the reasons I always felt so comfortable there. Later during another regression I travelled back to Lemuria and my soul was deeply saddened that I wasn’t able to save this ancient civilization that I had loved so much.

-Ancient Egypt?

I have known for a long time that I did have a lifetime as male astrologer in ancient Egypt. This was shown to me in connection with the guidance to minor in math while studying psychology at University. It was just a picture and a snippet of information I received, nothing more.

-Ancient Greece / Rome?

In one regression I saw myself in Italy as a young male who got injured during a battle and then taken in and cared for my best friend. I believe it was in the time of Ancient Rome. But so far I don’t have memories about ancient Greece.

-Have you met someone and you knew you had an incarnation with this person at some point and you remember when, where, and what you did?

I remember two very distinct lifetimes.

The first one was with a friend of mine. I met this friend on Facebook. He had found my page and since he was also interested in angels, he sent me a friend request. I accepted, because I loved to connect with likeminded people. Not long after he started a conversation with me through the chat on Facebook. We wrote back and forth for about half an hour. After that I felt like I just went through a whole relationship with him. That totally freaked me out.

A few months later we met in person. We felt a very strong connection. We knew immediately that we had been in a relationship in another life. But we also knew that in this life we weren’t meant to be in a romantic relationship. And even though I felt very drawn to him, I also had the intense feeling of distrusting him.

Our encounter left me pretty unsettled, as I have never experienced something like this before. In order to find some answers, another friend of mine guided me through a past life regression, where I found out more. I was immediately brought back to Atlantis. I was the princess and future high priestess, he was the prince and future high priest. We were married and loved each other very much. I saw us standing on top of a platform giving a speech of some sort. I was pregnant.

It must have been before the end times, when the misuse of power and manipulation had not yet started. In the regression I was moved forward to a time where he had left me and had joined the other (what I saw as the dark) side. I didn’t know what had happened with my child since it was not with me, and that created great turmoil for me. After the regression I connected with the soul who was my baby son in that lifetime and felt great relief knowing he was fine.

For a while my friend experienced deep fear of abusing his power in this lifetime and we have since worked together on clearing that with the help of the angels and insight into that past life.

The second lifetime I remember is with my husband. I became aware of it when I travelled to Brighton, England shortly after I had met him. Significant memories have come back over time in different ways.

In that lifetime in the late 1800 I was a young women, living in Brighton. My husband was an American who had travelled to England where we had met and fallen in love. Together we travelled across the ocean on a boat. I was so excited for a new life of freedom. For some reason we made a stop in the Caribbean. From there we travelled to New York via boat, but separately. Why, I don’t know. At the border, every immigrant had to see a doctor. I didn’t know it at that time, but I was pregnant and since I was entering the United Stated alone, I was denied entry and sent back to my country of origin.

This was very significant for my current life, especially during the time of applying for a visa to be able to move to California and marry my husband. I had great fear of being sent back (and one time it almost happened), but I knew that this time I wanted to write a different story and knowing where my fear came from, I was able look at the situation from a different perspective and bring healing to my soul.

-That is very interesting that we create and recreate the exact same situations lifetime after lifetime until were are able to get it right, to heal them in a way. And that’s what the Angelic Soul Alignment is about. Tell us about some of the memorable moments you had with your clients.

One very memorable session was with a dear friend of mine. When I looked into her Akashic Record I saw that something very difficult must have happened earlier in her life. Since this was about her current life, I asked her if something very difficult had happened at a specific age and she just began crying. I must have touched on something deep down. She later shared with me that she had been addicted to drugs during that time and was very ashamed of it. She was never able to forgive herself. Even though we have a deep connection, I had no idea about all this and that she was still so deeply wounded. She told me that she had never talked about this with anyone.

We then looked into her past lives to see what karmic patterns might have attracted such challenges. With the angels we cleared those patterns and she later shared with me, that for the first time in a long time she felt joy again. Understanding who she is at soul level and knowing what had lead to her challenges allows her to feel compassion towards herself and her experiences instead of blaming herself for it.

-That’s beautiful. But I also feel like looking into our akashic records for guidance is not for everyone. It was truly beneficial for me because the next day I was writing on my computer my first blogpost which was impossible before that.

Who, would you say, would benefit from the Angelic Soul Alignment you offer?

Looking into the akashic records definitely requires an open mind from the client. During my session I talk about the soul, past lives, incarnations on other planets, and a lot of other things that go beyond what we experience here in the physical. Anyone who is open to these concepts and is searching for guidance, healing or understanding and who is ready to change their lives, I feel this work can be very beneficial. On the other hand, people who are just looking for a quick fix without willing to really look at their issues or who are just curious, probably won’t benefit. It can even confuse them more.

There can also be soul-level reasons why a soul doesn’t desire more insight or alignment at a certain time of their life (or ever). Because of that I always look into the records first and ask if the soul desires greater alignment before I start working with a client in this way. The soul has to give me permission, before I’m able to access its record.

That’s good because we don’t want to interfere with a soul’s life path in a negative way. And you offer a 20-minutes Soul Discovery Session for FREE where people can connect with you and find out if this is for them.

-As an intuitive, in general, what do you think about 2017?

I feel like there are a lot of lightworkers waking up, going more public with their gifts and speaking more about the truth and the changes we want to see happen in the world.

What are your feelings for the coming year?

In January and February we already had a pretty intense time. I feel this year we are called to look even deeper and face even deeper rooted fears that we haven’t been able and willing to look at before. This can be very humbling, but very freeing at the same time. I also feel that this will help lightworkers to ground their own energy more and to bring their gifts more into the physical.

There are many different lightworkers around the world and they are at different stages of awareness as well. Not all of them will experience the shifts in energy in the same way, but with every year I see more potential for awakening, consciousness and the embodiment of light. And with each shift where we release our own fears our energy fields restructure themselves in a way where they are able to carry more light. Some lightworkers may feel the desire to be more public, others will not. But as we face more and more of our own fears and let go of more and more of our own darkness, we become more of our authentic self (our soul self), which affects all the people around us, our family and friends, and in that way we are able to bring a tremendous amount of light onto this Earth.

-People in the U.S. but also in the rest of the world are very concerned with the Trump presidency. Do you think like it could be a good thing on the long term for the whole planet, like an awakening? Or like passing though fire in order to be reborn?

I personally don’t know very much about politics or our new president. The way I look at things are from an energetic standpoint. I think the way his presidency will affect the future is vastly dependent on how people react to this situation. As human beings, we have the tendency to only open our eyes and address issues if we must. But if we do there is a huge potential for positive change. So without getting too entangled with what is going on politically, I believe that this situation has the potential to bring many blessings in the long run.

-Back in 2012, you moved from Switzerland to California, then a friend of ours, Anna, who is also a highly gifted intuitive, move from Switzerland to Canada, and finally I moved from Norway to Mexico.

Do you feel like it is a “old world” versus “new world” energy, that is attracting us to this side of the world?

I do feel that the energies of North America and Europe are vastly different. Even though I don’t  see it so much as an ‘old world’ versus ‘new world’ (more as a different energetic setting), Europe does hold a lot more ‘old’ energy, which was one of the things I was struggling with a lot. I wasn’t always aware of that, but just walking around I could feel the energies of people who lived in the century old houses hundreds of years ago. I also encountered many earthbound spirits, many who died in a battle and haven’t made their way to the light.

Here in California the energy feels much lighter to me in general and I have a sense of freedom, whereas in Switzerland I always felt claustrophobic. I believe that my new home is a much better setting for my soul to thrive and express itself.

And I think that is also why you and Anna felt drawn to a different part of the world. I feel that many countries in Europe provide great structure and security for the people. And if that is aligned with someone’s soul, they will feel very comfortable there. But for people like me (and Anna and probably you as well) who are more free spirited, it can be difficult, so our souls guide us to a place that is more fitting for our energy.

-In the future, what would you like to teach or heal?

One of the things I would really like to teach is about Atlantis and Lemuria. I have always had a fascination with those ancient cultures and I know that there is great wisdom from that time that can really help people during this day and age. In the last six years of working with the angels and the akashic records I came across many people who’s souls still carry deep wounding from the end times of Atlantis and I would love to help people to understand where those blocks come from and how to release them.

That would be so wonderful. It is Diana Cooper who says that we are going back to a time of “Golden Atlantis” and the lightworkers are helping with the changes needed to make this happens.

-Something (healings, classes?) that changed your life?

Doreen Virtue’s Angel Therapy Practitioner® Course changed my life profoundly. Her books did too. They opened up a whole new world for me and once I attended her course, even more opened up for me. During the course I met many members of my soul family, people I feel a very deep connection with. I experienced true joy for the first time in my life. That was very profound. During that time I realized that I wanted to spend more time in the States, which lead me on a beautiful adventure to Hawaii the year after where I met my husband.

-From all the classes / workshops you took, what are the ones you liked the most and you would recommend to people?

Doreen Virtue’s Angel Therapy Practitioner® Course was truly the best thing I have ever attended. There is nothing like it. Unfortunately she doesn’t offer it in this format anymore. Through Hay House she now facilitates the Angel Intuitive Course, which is very similar. I believe you, Gretta, have taken that course in Hawaii. I’m sure it was magical as well.

Yes, that’s what I did, it was very intense as well. There will be the last Angel Intuitive class in Australia in December this year:

You can still take the Angel Therapy Practitioner® Course online:

The Soul Realignment® Practitioner online course was amazing as well and really deepened my understanding and insight into the akashic records. My favourite part was the Manifesting Blueprint course, which was an additional course offered to Soul Realignment® Practitioners, which gave great insight into how a soul expresses itself most efficiently and therefore manifests.

But for people who are just starting in this field I highly recommend Robert Reeves’s Flower Therapy Healer Certification Class. It’s the best online course I have taken and it is great to learn more about intuition as well as the healing practice with flowers.

-In your past work, what is the thing you taught or did that you are the most proud of?

In school I was always terrified to stand in front of other people and talk. A few months after I had taken the Angel Therapy Practitioner® Course the angels guided me to teach an Angel Course, so I asked my friend Anna if she would teach it with me, because I was terrified. But once we were all gathered in Anna’s living room and we took turns sharing our wisdom and knowledge about angels, I started to realize that I really enjoyed being a spiritual teacher. Not only that, but I felt I was actually good at it. After teaching that course with Anna I really felt I had accomplished something.

I went to this class! I remember I gave a card reading to Anna’s mom and it was just before I moved to Norway.

-What was the weirdest thing that happened to you (paranormal)?

One of the weirdest things I have experienced was during a reading for a client who was originally from Romania. She was asking me about negative energy around her parents house and if I would be able to clear it. So I opened my inner eye and asked the angels to show me what was going on. I saw a vault underneath the earth in the vicinity of the house. In this vault I saw many earthbound spirits. It looked like a scary scene out of a Dracula movie, but at the same time it felt very real. I had never actually seen any of those movies and didn’t really know what the Dracula story was about. And because it looked too horrific, I hesitated telling my client about what I saw, because I didn’t want to scare her. But since that was the only thing I was getting intuitively, I had to share what I saw. To my surprise, she confirmed that there was indeed a connection between the Dracula story and Romania and that she herself wasn’t surprised by my vision at all. We then worked on clearing that energy and helped the souls into the light.

-Let’s speak about the other areas of your work. You are also very creative. You do photography and you have an Etsy shop where you sell jewels and organic cotton onesies for babies.

Is it important for you to be creative?

Yes, I love to be creative and express myself that way. It is a good balance to my intuitive work. I love the creative part of my business, designing my website, newsletter and business cards. But I’m a person who needs a lot of variety, always doing the same creative stuff gets boring for me pretty fast, that’s why I have other creative projects. I love photography, because I can combine my creative sense with my intuition, but I also like arts and crafts, things I can do with my hands. That’s why started a my Etsy shop.

Photo by Rebe Sparrow Photography

That’s what you told me: the best way to let my soul express itself is to try something new and see how it feels, how it resonates with me. Also somebody told my mom: “If you want to help the World, create Beauty.” When we get creative, we are actually connecting to the Divine Source and we let higher energies in, and the world becomes a bit lighter.

Well, thank you so much Christina for this interesting interview!

You’re so welcome! And thanks for asking such great questions 🙂

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🌟Personal notes from Christina🌟

-Who is your favourite Archangel? Or do you have someone in your spiritual guiding team that you are very fond of? Like Doreen Virtue loves Archangel Michael, for ex.

There are many. I love my team of angels and guides. Each one is very special to me, especially since they are all so different. I have a male unicorn named Marius in my team, who has been with me for many lifetimes. His energy is very soothing to me. There is a guardian named Jacob. He brings great wisdom to me. I also I have a very special connection with Lady Diana. She’s always by my side. And then there is my protector, Aaron, who shows himself in the form of a Sasquatch. These are the ones I’m most fond of. But I also work with Archangel Michael on a daily basis and am very fond of him as well.

-Favourite self-care practice?

Allowing myself to sleep as long as I feel like and taking epsom salt baths with essential oils.

-A book that changed your life?

The Abundance Book by John Randolph Price

-Favourite crystal?


-Favourite flower?


-Favourite essential oil?


-Favourite holidays?

Corsica and Hawaii.

When I was young my aunt would take me camping in Corsica. I remember the smell of eucalyptus trees, the light blue, almost turquoise color of the ocean combined with the most heavenly food made that place very special to me.

As a child I would always dream about vacationing on a tropical island. That was even before I have been to the ocean for the first time of my life. But something always drew me to that vision. When I then travelled to Hawaii for the fist time I fell deeply in love with that special place. Not only because of its vast beauty, but also because of the energy the land holds. It reminds me very much of the energy of Lemuria – the ancient civilization my soul remembers from previous lifetimes.

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  1. Totally loved reading this interview, Christina & Gretta! What a wonderful way to collaborate. I’ve always adored your wisdom and knowledge of the other realms, and I love your idea of sharing more about ancient worlds like Lemuria and Atlantis. I can’t wait to read more! Love & blessings, Anna

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