“Les Lavoirs” … or the Healing Power of Water

“Un lavoir”, a wash house in French, is a place where women would come and wash the clothes, before washing machines became widespread. In my small village, in Normandy, when we moved in, in 1981, there were still 1-2 persons using the lavoir to wash their clothes.

These ancient places are full of legends involving fairies and other magical creatures. I have always loved them. When the normand wind is blowing strong outside and you take refuge inside a lavoir, it feels so quiet, with the gentle lapping of the water, it feels so peaceful that these places always held magic for me.

Women would come to wash clothes together and would socialise, telling jokes, gossiping, singing, praying, offering support to each other. In some of these lavoirs, I almost feel like entering a church. Who knows? There may be a benevolent naiad invisible to our eyes basking in the water. After all, all the fountains, wells and spring source have a fairy attached to them in France. On the other hand, don’t come near these places at night because, according to many legends and witnesses, if you happened to see women at night washing clothes, there are not “women” but “Lavandières de la Nuit” and the cloth they are washing is your shroud!

One day, I was visiting my parents our small normand village and during a hike, we went by some of these lavoirs when, spontaneously, I blessed the water and ask God for Divine Healing. The water is coming down from the stream uphill and continues down to the sea. I imagined the blessed water healing everything along the way. I asked for blessings for the people living in my village and for some of the heaviness in the air, that I could feel, to be lifted.

I didn’t know what I was doing. It was instinctual. I didn’t know about the healing power of water. I didn’t know it would work. But it did. And when I came back a year later, things had changed.

You see, when I was a teenager I had understood early on that my destiny was somewhere else. I knew that if I stayed in my small village, and there was this possibility for me to stay around there, my Soul would die. I could see the people around me like walking really slow, being engulfed in some dark sticky goo, rendering them slow and kinda stupid. And they really, really, didn’t want to move out of the region. It was like in my region they would not allow the new energies to come in, like they were resisting modernity, and didn’t want any strangers around. I don’t know if it is because my village is located between a nuclear power plant on one side and a nuclear recycling plant on the other side, but there was something in the air and/or the water. I know I am not crazy because one psychic, who came to live in my village, told me that she had seen the same thing.

And so, I asked for purification in my village and I got it! When I came back, the next season, things were lighter. There was some new energy in. The heaviness was gone. Things were shiny. People were smiling and looking towards the future.

Now when I go back to my village, I always bless the water in the lavoirs and also on the beach.

Here is how you can raise the vibrations of Water for your own benefits:

  • Pray over the water: visualize Jesus, Mother Mary or Archangel Michael in the water before you drink or cook
  • Use some crystals, such as rose quartz, to put around a glass jar full of water to energize the water
  • Put a glass bottle of water under the full moon light
  • Write high-vibration words or sentences on a bottle of water: Love, Christ, Beauty, Abundance, …

According to Dr Emoto’s book: The Hidden Messages in Water water reacts to the vibration of the words and prayer you pour into the water.

Here is how to ask for purification:

  • Take a “spiritual shower”: under the shower, visualize a waterfall of light in the shower, cleansing your aura from all negative debris
  • Clean your aura with a sea salt bath (Himalayan Salt is the best) or epsom salt bath, add crystals and essential oils for more effect, bring some flowers in the bathroom with you, and put on some meditation music
  • Ask Jesus, Mother Mary or Archangel Michael to bless the water before you take a bath, or you plunge in the swimming pool
  • Go next to a body of water (river, lake, beach) and ask Divine Guidance to your Angels

Here is how to send Love to the water:

  • Ask Jesus, Mother Mary or Archangel Michael to bless the sea, the rain, the rivers and visualize how the water cleanses the world
  • Go next to a body of water (river, lake, beach) and do an offering ceremony to the Water

A number of Goddesses are associated with the Healing Power of water:

From Doreen Virtue’s Goddess Guidance Oracle cards:

Sulis, Celtic sun Goddess who oversees bodies of water associated with healing, such as the roman baths in Bath.
Coventina, Celtic Goddess of the waters
Ixchel, Mayan moon Goddess, connected to tides of water and the rain.
Yemanya, African and Brazilian Goddess of the Sea.

And many more …


Sending you Love & Light,


PS: Do you have a powerful experience with the Power of Water? Tell me about it in the comments below.

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