Goliath, a magical cat

I would like to tell you the story of a magical cat named “Goliath”, a cat on a mission.

When I was a little girl, I was fascinated by magic spells, magic potions, magic wands and witches. And because witches had cat, I was very fond of cats as well.

I learnt later that a witch’s cat was a familiar that was acting as their guardian, because cats are able to see beyond the veil, they could warn the witch about negative energies or danger. They were also their teacher and helped of the witch to do her healing work.


Of course, I was fascinated when I read about the reverence of the Egyptians for cats. I knew intuitively that cats were linked to magic or the Divine.

Anyway, it was my dream to become a tarot reader-spell making-witch with cats. But my mom would not allow us any pets in the house, so I was bidding my time. When I left home and became a student, I was living in a small studio apartment and going often on vacations and conferences and working late at night, so I felt it wouldn’t be fair to the cat to live with me.

Then I met my husband and the first time I brought him home to meet my parents, we realized he was very allergic to cats. And that’s how my dream of living with a cat flew out of the window.

That’s why I was very surprised when suddenly out of nowhere he told me:

“Let’s adopt a cat!”

“You’re allergic!”

“I will be fine. It will be good for the baby, they can grow up together.”

I was not convinced but for some unknowns reasons my husband would not be deterred!

We had just moved to Bergen (Norway) and I was pregnant with my first baby. It was my first winter in Norway and I was not doing well. It was too cold, too dark, too icy. My body doesn’t do well in the snow. The lack of sunlight was taking its toll on me. Plus I was pregnant and I didn’t manage well the hormone changes and with my body transforming, getting fatter by the week. I was unemployed. I had no friend or family nearby. I couldn’t recognize my life.

More than anything, I was afraid I would not be a good mother.

There had been too many changes in very little time and I was not coping well.

“Let’s go!” said my husband insisting.

Maybe he knew somehow that the cat would be good for me.

And so I found myself in the car going out of town to a cat rescue center.

I didn’t expect that we would bring back a cat the same day, with his litter box, his food, some toys, a leash, his transport bag, …

The rescue lady was showing me around and  after a lot of questioning, she decided that I could be a cat owner; a volunteer would come to our house later to check on the cat’s wellbeing anyway. They had mainly adult cats, some with problems, like obesity. I looked around and couldn’t find any cat I was attracted to. Suddenly my husband came with a baby kitty in his arms.

“Look! This one is nice and cuddly!”

He was all black and yes, he looked very nice, a bit afraid but playful. He came to me.


“The name is Goliath, the lady said, because we found him on the mountain Gol near here, with his mum and his brothers. You cannot have stray cats in Norway so they brought the family here.

You can adopt him.”

My husband and the lady worked all the details and I was found myself in the car with the cat bag on my knees.

She said: “He is not used to live with humans and he is very afraid, so for the next few days you have to care for him like a baby.”

A lightbulb switch on in my head: a baby?

This could be a sort of test, I realized. If I manage to care for the cat then I would manage to care for the baby. And then I could get rid of the fear I had of not being a good mom.

When we came home, Goliath was so terrified, he hid under a bed and wouldn’t come out. I looked for him, enveloped him in a towel, like the lady had said, and feed him myself. And so I nurtured him, spent a lot of time with him, looking for him, explaining him that he doesn’t have to be afraid and we became best friends. He soon started to sleep on the bed with us instead of terrified somewhere in a dark corner of the flat.

Goliath, helping me with my homework

It was very nice to have him around. I was not alone anymore, looking for a job. I was not alone anymore, watching TV shows.  I was not alone anymore, sleeping (when my husband was away). I was not alone anymore taking my shower or going to the toilet. [Apparently he liked to do his business when I was doing my business] 

Goliath trying to catch birds

We played games together. He was very, very clever. I read that cats can understand simple words. I started to teach him words like “Birds” and he was running to the windows to look at them. Soon I taught him how to play “Catch” with some soft-toy mice.

Goliath was so much fun. The only regret I had is that he would not communicate with me telepathically, like some other cats had done to me in the past. I tried to “speak” to him this way, but it seems he was not able or not willing to do it.

Goliath and me, just chilling

We would take naps together, he against my belly, probably feeling with my unborn baby. I was wondering how he would react to his baby brother but my anxiety had diminished. I felt Goliath had come to get rid of some bad energies in the house, to prepare for the baby’s arrival.

And then my husband’s allergies started to manifest. He was taking drugs everyday, now. We banned the cat from the bedroom. I started to vacuum the entire flat, everyday, but it was not enough. We gave Goliath baths 2 days a week, we groomed him, we cut his nails, … but the allergies were too strong.  Soon, my husband got asthma and the doctor recommended we get rid of the cat otherwise my husband would end up sleeping with an oxygen mask. 

The husband started to resent the cat, the cat started to be really afraid of the husband.

And I was in the middle very worried of what would happen when the baby arrive.

When I finally left for the hospital, I said my good byes to Goliath and explained him I would come back soon and that my parents were here to take care of him. He meowed, understanding.

I had the baby. It was a very traumatic birth for me. I ended up having an emergency C-section. I needed to stay in the hospital for a few days. I had many nightmares during that time, and probably PTSD. One morning, my baby ran a high fever they decided it was best if they brought him to the new born specialized unit for a while, and they took him away. I was alone in my hospital bedroom, my husband was not allowed to visit before the evening, so I took a nap.

And Goliath came to me during my dream time.

The baby is here now, so I have to go! My mission is finished! I don’t want to disturb you: I just wanted to say good bye!”

and then he jumped by the bathroom’s window, which was left open because it was summer and we needed the fresh air.

I woke up suddenly and realized I was sitting straight in my bed, my arms extended to catch him. I think I even screamed:”Nooooo!”

I tried to calm myself down: it was a weird dream that’s all.

Later, my husband came to visit, he had bad news:

“You know, I didn’t want to tell you before but I haven’t seen Goliath for a while. He is not in the flat, didn’t come to eat for several days and I looked for him and couldn’t find him anywhere. I don’t know if he is ever coming back.”

“Well, I told him, I don’t think he is coming back! Because he just say good bye to me in my dream.”

Goliath had a chip, he had a name tag, with our phone number, the neighbors knew about him but nobody ever found him. My mom even told me that, the day he disappeared, he came to the terrace , even though he was very afraid to go outside and never went to the terrace, and he meowed at my parents for a while as if saying good-bye, then left, and they never saw him again.

I didn’t know what to think, why would Goliath leave? Did he really have a mission that ended with the birth of my baby? Why couldn’t he wait until he met the baby?

On one hand I was sad because I lost a friend, on the other hand I was relieved because of my husband’s allergies.

During an Intuitive Reading, I asked Christina (from http://christinasander.com/if she could connect with Goliath and see if he was ok.

She told me she can see he is very, very clever. He appeared to her as a cat wearing a business suit with a briefcase. He said that he had to go because his mission with me was finished. He told her that I could still reach him on his “cell phone”.

I asked him if he died or if he went away to another location, I was still feeling guilty that he left. Goliath said it didn’t matter, that all I needed to know is that he needed to go somewhere else for another mission.

What was Goliath? A familiar? An Angel? A Fairy? and who gave him a mission? and what was his mission really?

I looked for answers and here is what I found:

  • Cats are healer:

The energy field of a cat rotates is a counter-clockwise direction, which is the opposite of a human energy field. Thus, cats have the ability to absorb and neutralise energy that affects humans in a negative way. This is part of the cats healing medicine. If something is affecting you in a negative way, place a cat on your lap or find a cat to pet. Your energy field will be realigned immediately and inner balance will be restored.

from: http://www.shamanicjourney.com/cat-power-animal-symbol-of-wholeness-independence-curiosity-many-lives-cleverness-love-mystery-magic

  • A blogger named Denise Le Fay had an “Indigo cat” as pet once:

    This new kitten was so much smarter, faster, more sensitive, more compassionate, more aware of everything and everyone than any previous feline I’d known and loved. It was really great and exciting having encountered my first “Indigo” kitty.

    Read her story here: https://deniselefay.wordpress.com/2009/06/29/pets-the-ascension-process/

    Goliath and my favorite orchid

    Also know that when one of our beloved pets doesn’t want to remain in their current body and do any further ascension related business (for whatever their reasons), they’ll simply check out of that physical body. To them it’s no big deal or trauma like it is to us emotionally. Know too that in many cases they want to check out for a while but return in another body that more comfortably matches the current higher energies. They upgrade or trade-in for a new model in other words. So don’t cry your heart and eyes out when one of your much-beloved pets decides to exit that physical body — die. In many cases they return later in new and improved physical bodies that better match the higher frequency energies to continue living  more of the ongoing ascension processes right by our sides. Aren’t they just the most amazing, generous, and loving souls?

  • An article about the “ascension” of animals:

Let us look at the animals which come to you as a pet. Often a chosen animal. As there are many species, I will speak of the domestic dog or cat. Many will come into a person’s life to heal on some level. This is often an emotional healing. You will provide food, shelter – a safe haven. In return you receive unconditional love and loyalty. Many of you seek to find these qualities in a human relationship, and cannot. So you give much love and affection to your pet, often the pet is content simply to know they are with you in the same room. Many of you tell your pets your problems, worries, feelings. You may see the animal look at you deeply. In that moment the animal understands your emotions, your feelings.


  • Finally, cats and dogs come from Sirius:

Dolphins, whales and other cetaceans come from Sirius B to incarnate on Earth. Cats and dogs comes from Sirius A to assist with healing, protection and ascension.

The sacred Felidae and Canidae are incredible beings that bring tremendous support to the field and purposed evolutionary growth of humanity. The Felidae are divine intelligence, fully evolved and magnificently conscious in crystalline expression.

The Felidae are a feline species who originate on Sirius A. These are beings who have entered the Earth plane since ancient times in specific roles and formats. The versions currently in physical form on the Earth plane are what may be termed the feline and canine families They are here on the Earth plane to support you, and in their physical matrix, they are but a portion of the consciousness of their Sirian nature. That is because the Felidae expression on Earth are in group soul format. They are not here to evolve as a species but rather to support Earth and assist humanity in evolution. The greater part of their consciousness is above the level of the Earth plane. The feline operate vastly in the ethereal or stealth antimatter realm. Their full consciousness existed and manifested in the Lemurian, Atlantean, and early Egyptian eras.

Read more here:


Wherever you are Goliath, you will always be in my heart.

I am still amazed at the level of protection and help we do receive here on Earth while on our journey. Don’t hesitate to ask for everything is possible and we are infinitely and abundantly provided for.

Sending you Love & Light,


PS: If you have a Divine story of animals or pets, let me know in the comments below.

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