Catherine’s ghost

In honor of paranormal day, I would like to share this ghost story with you.

When I was a teenager and I was in high-school, my best friend, Catherine, and I, because we were living far away from the high-school, had decided to spend our nights at the school dormitory. It was also a good excuse to be away from our families during the week, as we both had difficult relationships with our parents. 

So we were in the dormitory and it was a suite of small 4-bed bedrooms, without any doors, on the fourth floor of a big building. The boys were on the first floor.

Legend said that some girl one day jumped out of the window from the fourth floor to commit suicide but, to this day, I don’t know if the story is true.

Anyway, one night my friend and I were alone in our room. In the middle of the night, I suddenly woke up. Normally, during this time of my life, I used to sleep through the night, but, this time, something had woken me up.

I could feel a presence, like somebody had entered the room. As I looked to see who was there, I looked towards the bed of my friend…

And there was a spirit! A ghost! A transparent woman, she was white and I could see through her.

She was leaning over my friend’s bed next to her face as if she was whispering something to her. My friend was sleeping peacefully.

All the hair in my body rose.

A cold sweat went down my spine.

A scream started to form in my throat I was about to let it out when …

I was suddenly enveloped in a warm blanket of Love.

I immediately relaxed.

I heard a voice in my head saying: “It’s ok, it’s just your friend’s grandma who came to give her advice inside her dreams. She will be finished soon. Go back to sleep.

“How could I sleep with a ghost in my room?”, I thought.

“Turn around so you don’t have to see her.”

I did and I fell asleep immediately, which is a kind of miracle because I was so afraid of ghosts.

The next day, I woke up and I remembered everything vividly. I wanted to tell my friend but she and I are were so afraid of ghosts and wandering spirits that I thought it was better to  pretend it was a dream.

“Heu… So last night I had a weird dream bout your grandma?”, I said.

“My grandma?”, she said, quite pale, “what do you mean?”

“I saw her in my dream leaning over your bed and giving you advice as you were sleeping.”

“I dreamt about my grandma last night, she did gave me advice about what to do with my life. She passed away when I was little. I barely remember her.”

“I have to tell you … It was not a dream! I actually saw her as a ghost, here, in our bedroom! I could see through her.”

She was very pale and scared:

“Don’t ever speak about this to me ever again! I am so afraid thinking of this!”

I promised and thought: “Shit! I really saw a ghost last night.”

And you? Have you seen a ghost? Do you have any “paranormal” experience to share?

Sending you Love & Light,


2 thoughts on “Catherine’s ghost

  1. I haven’t seen ghost.I can only feel if something is strange in the place,but I can’t know if it’s ghost or something else.I don’t feel attracted to seeing these beings.

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