7 things I wanted to tell you about working with the Angels


I believe I started to speak to Angels as a baby, or a toddler …

I can’t remember specific memories of chats I had with my guardian Angels but something is telling me they were there all along. As a child, I would often argue with my inner voice, my inner conscience, as I would call it, without realizing that it was, in fact, my guardian Angels. As a teenager, I realized this voice was guarding me from external danger but also from my shadow-self. It was only when I was a young adult that I started to really, fully, work with my Angels on a daily basis. Actually: days and nights.

I got so much joy and blessings from working with the Angels and the Archangels that I would like to help others getting in a place where they, too, can work with the Angels for their highest good and the highest good of everyone involved, as divinely guided.

There is such magic when you work together, hand in hand, with the Divine. Not magic as  in “witchcraft”, but as in “miracles”. Marvelous opportunities, synchronicities start manifesting in your life.  Healing is occurring effortlessly. You can truly turn your life around in such ways that you are becoming a blessing for this world. 

If everybody was listening to their Angels, the whole wide world would be at peace. Why? Because we would be all happier, freer, contented with our lives and we would care for others and help them to be at peace with their lives, as well. There would be less fear and more Love and slowly, step by step, we would be entering a world of long-lasting Peace.

Here is what I wanted to share about Angels: 

1. They are protectors

When people think about Angels, they might think about their Guardian Angels and protection. Indeed, the Angels are here to protect us, and our belongings too. They protect us from accidents and physical attacks but also, psychic attacks.

Here some informations on how to receive Angelic protection: http://www.ask-angels.com/spiritual-guidance/psychic-protection-made-simple/

Do not underestimate how powerful they are! I heard stories about Archangel Michael manifesting in blood and flesh, physically in this plane, to ward off aggressors, to escort someone home, …

If you need to feel safe and secure, if you feel afraid for your child or a loved one, make sure to call on God and the Angels to accompany you and them throughout the day. You can visualize a thousand Angels surrounding you, forming a protective bubble around you. I do this every day and every night.

When I think about Divine protection, I am always reminded about this episode when I was about 14 years old. I was walking alone in the deserted streets of my little village in Normandy, going to the bus stop, to go school, when I was stopped by a would-be pedophile. I truly believe that the only thing that prevented him from forcing me into his car was an aura of Angelic protection. I said “no” and he drove away peacefully. To me, a true miracle!

You can read the full story here:

My Angels and the License Plate Number

2. They are non-judgmental

Not once did I feel judged or shamed by my Angels, even when I acted badly.

My Angels are not going to stay silent if I do something that is against my Divine essence but they would never shame me for it. They would tell me things like: “Well, this is not really you, is it?” Or they would ask me: “How do you feel about what you just did?”

They totally respect our free will, and I learnt that we can behave anyway we want. They are not here to forbid us anything. They will patiently wait by our side for an opportunity to speak to us about a better way of behaving.

Just like I learn when I was in junior high.

When I was about 14 years old, we had a new classmate at school, who was transferring mid-year from a fancy private school to our public school. And he got a lot of abuse for that. One day, in class, a group of kids was making fun of him when I saw the opportunity to make a clever joke at his expense. The joke was well received and all the kids were laughing and it felt good.

But, then, I looked at him and saw the pain he was feeling. There was such a profound pain in his eyes that I immediately felt guilty. I was feeling so bad that I asked my Angels to help me.

“Make it stop”, I beg.


You can’t bully someone and then expect to feel good about yourself! That is not how it works. It is one or the other but you can’t have both!”

“This is not who you are”, they said.

“You can continue to bully your friend and feel ashamed of yourself or you can act like the kind and nice girl you truly are and feel good about yourself. It is entirely up to you.”

And at this moment, I really felt like, indeed, I had a choice and that they were not judging me. But the shame and guilt I was feeling was overbearing.

They went on explaining:

“What you truly wanted to achieve with this joke, was to fit in, to be accepted as part of their group. It will never happen. You are too different. They will never see you as one of them. So is it really worth to try? Isn’t it better to just be yourself since you will never be able to pass as one of them?”

It was at this moment that I definitely understood that I would never, ever, fit in with the rest of my classmates. I had always felt very lonely and I knew it was because I was so different from the rest of the crowd. But this episode gave me the strength to stop trying and start embracing and discovering who I truly was.

3. They are spiritual teachers

I have learnt so much thanks to my Angels.

I am clairaudient, so sometimes they would explain me something directly.  But they also guide me to some spiritual teachers or mentors, who, then, teach me further. It is generally through a sudden inspiration: I suddenly want to do an internet search for a specific word like reiki, or I would repeatedly think about a person’s name like Louise Hay.

You can ask your Angels for help when you are looking for informations on a particular subjects. What works best, is to ask questions. A question will drive out an answer. If there is no question, there can’t be an answer. You need to ask in order to receive.

When I started learning about Angels, I had many questions, especially regarding some of the Christian teachings I had been submitted to when growing up in France. I wish I could speak to my Angels more efficiently and have them answer all my questions directly.

One Saturday afternoon, as I was walking downtown Zurich, I was called to check out a small library. There a small book immediately called my attention: “Interview with an Angel”. “An Angel reveals astonishing truths about life and death, religion, the afterlife, extraterrestrials, the power of love … and more.” This looked like an answer to all my questions. But was it just a sham? Was it a real channelling?

When I read the back cover, I realized the Angel’s name was Ariel, and Archangel Ariel is one Archangel who is always with me. So I brought the book home and, yes, there are some very interesting informations in this book.

4. They are helpers

The Angels can help you with any area of your life you need help with. Whether it is something very trivial, like finding a parking spot, or something very critical, like healing a drug addiction.

There is a wide range of what they can do, but, don’t be mistaken, there are not genies in a bottle. They always act according to Divine will. So they do not grant wishes! But they help you through a tough situation, through a challenge, if you ask for help. It is just that, you might not receive exactly what you were asking for. And, on top of that, you might need to take some action steps in order to get the results you want.

Just a few weeks ago, whenever I was falling asleep I would dream of a car crash: I would be driving my car when suddenly another car would appear in front of me, and despite me slamming on the brakes, it would not work and I would crash in the car in front of me. It was like my brakes didn’t work.

Dream or vision?

You see, we live in a little town in Mexico, and , here, the roads are dangerous, especially the road I take to go to drive my kids to school. There are numerous accidents, sometimes it is just a little bump between 2 cars but I have also seen police, ambulances and blood on the pavement. So I couldn’t decide whether it was a symbolic message or a vision of the future.

I asked my Angels but didn’t get any answer. So I asked them:

“Well, what should I do, then?”

“Pray!”, they replied. So I did. I prayed for all my family to be safe, for me and my husband to be protected whenever we were driving, and to be reminded to drive carefully at all times.

The next night, I had the vision again. “What does it mean? What should I do now?”, I asked again.

“Pray some more!”, they said.

So I prayed again. The following night, again, same vision. “And now?”, I asked the Angels.

“Pray some more, it is working.”

Ok, so I  prayed again … and the visions stopped. “What was this all about?”, I asked my Angels.

“It is done!”, they said, “You don’t need to pray anymore.”

I thought the whole thing was weird, but the visions stopped so I stopped thinking about it. A few days later, I receive a text from my husband. A big truck had crashed in a palm tree behind him on the road.

He was in his car, stopped at a red traffic light. He couldn’t go sideways nor forward. He was waiting for the green light, when he saw a big truck coming behind him. The truck was not slowing down. He started to be scared when the truck suddenly veered left and crashed in the palm trees bordering the avenue: his brakes were broken and he couldn’t stop his truck. If he hadn’t crash in the palm tree, he would have crashed my husband’s car and maybe my husband as well?

Were my visions and prayers related to the almost car crash? Maybe, maybe not …

5. They are healers

They can help you “heal your life”.

For ex., they can help you release your chains to the past so you can freely step into the future.

But more importantly, and more amazingly, and miraculously, they can help your loved ones. They can step in, when you don’t know what to do, or when you physically can’t be there. You can send Angels and Archangels  to people you care about, who need help and directions. And it works!

Remember that Angels can’t bypass a person freewill. So if you send Angels to a person, and this person doesn’t want to have them around, they will keep their distances until they are allowed to come in.

Also remember that you can’t pray for someone to do something they don’t want to do. It wouldn’t work. But you can pray for someone’s happiness or well being or more genrally, for “their highest good”.

I am forever grateful to the Angels for helping a number of people in my life to find a new job, to find their soulmate, to feel better in their own body, …

Years ago, a friend of mine was not doing well: she had had a ski accident and thereafter had a sharp pain in her back every time she was taking a breath. The doctors couldn’t find anything wrong with her, and decided it was “all in her head”. Not receiving support from the persons who were supposed to help her, she became depressed and suicidal. After her first suicide attempt, she was sent to a psychiatric unit. After months of watching her going in and out of psychiatric care, I was upset and heartbroken to see her that way and decided to step in and ask the Angels to heal her back pain. This will take care of the problem, I thought.

The Angels said: “No!“. There would be no medical miracle here. They explained me that it was not a case where I would pray and her back would be healed. They told me that she would have to wait some more years until somebody could fix her backpain.

I was so angry hearing that. It was so unfair! Suddenly I had the inspiration to pray for a different thing: a boyfriend! I asked the Angels if I could pray for her to find someone to date so she wouldn’t be going through this challenge alone. And they said yes.

And so I prayed: 3 weeks later, my friend told me she started dating someone. He was also suicidal, he was also in the same psychiatric unit. Together they healed each over, in a way I couldn’t think possible. Truly a miracle!

Read the whole story here:

Heidi <3 Peter … or an unexpected healing

6. They are “thought adjusters”

I read somewhere Angels referred as “thoughts adjuster” and it rings so true to me. My Angels are constantly intervening during my thought process when an untrue or unloving, judgmental thought crosses my mind.

Since I am clairaudient, my Angels pop up during my internal thinking or day dreaming to correct me on some thoughts I am having. Especially when I have an unloving thought about myself or about someone else. They come right up and say:

“No! This isn’t the truth!” 

And they show me where I am wrong. Whether I was making wrong assumptions or being a judgmental ass (it happens) or wrongly feeling limited by something.

A few months ago, I saw our neighbors coming back from the beach. A loving family with 3 little boys. I didn’t know the parents well, but my kids were going to school with their kids and they came in my home to play, from time to time. I was looking at this loving family, the kids were joking and playing, the parents had big smile on their faces. Everyone looked so happy and peaceful. That’s when I thought: they will divorce soon!

There was nothing in their attitude that could make me think of a divorce but I had a strong inner feeling that things were not like they seemed at the surface, that the parents were unhappy in their marriage, and it was nearly the end.

About 3 months later, the mother left. And she took the oldest kid with her.

It was so heartbreaking to see this. The two little kids were really young: 3 and 5. Their mom had left and on top of that, they had lost their big brother, as well. It was so sad to think about their situation. One evening, while washing the dishes, I thought to myself:

“What kind of a woman she is to leave her kids like that?”

My Angels came rushing in:

“You can’t say that! You don’t know what is going on behind closed doors!”

It was true. I didn’t know their entire situation. But what was going on behind closed doors? I got a feeling of abuse. I don’t know the husband very well but I never got the impression he could be abusive. That being said, the kids had told me sometimes, that their dad had been shouting at their mom and now their mom had locked herself in her bedroom, crying, and she wouldn’t come out. And if they can have some candy, please?

So I knew that there had been some problems between them. The Angels said:

“As heartbreaking as the situation looks to you right now, know that they took the best decision they could take, at the time, for everyone involved. It was a decision made with love. It is not right for you to judge what you don’t know!”

They were right and I apologized for being so judgmental. The Angels invited me to pray for the kids and for the family. It is not my right to know whether the family is getting back together or whether they all separate peacefully and the kids grow up, separated, but happy. I sent them love and prayers.

Lesson learned: I am all about love and light but, at times, I am still a judgmental ass, and need to watch my thoughts.

7. They are our guides to ascension, to the Divine Source

The Angels know each and everyone’s life’s mission. They know the reasons why you choose to incarnate at this time on Earth and they have a list of all the things that you need to work on, and they are here to guide you and help you through the list.

I do understand we have freewill. I do understand the list gets re-written as we progress on our life path and new elements are showing up or get crossed out of the list. I do understand we have many various options to choose from. We are not supposed to be puppets and do as the Angels say every time. We are supposed to make our own choices and learn from the choices we make, from our mistakes. Sometimes making a mistake is part of the lesson that we needed to learn.

This is a time of accelerated spiritual teaching, for our highest good, for our own happiness. That’s why, I think, many people are starting to connect with their Angels and their spiritual team. And it is getting easier and easier to hear and see Angels.

My son (5 years old) once told me: The Angels have many super powers but they don’t have the super power to make us happy. Only we can make ourselves happy. And we all have the super power to be happy.

So I let you meditate on that: you are responsible for your own happiness but you have Divine helpers with you to guide you, teach you, and show you the way towards your happiness.

All you have to do is ask!

Life, here on Earth, is hard. Don’t make it harder by cutting you off from the loving Divine guidance of your Angels.

Sending you Love & Light,

Gretta 💗 🙏🏼 💗 ✨ 💗

PS: Agree / disagree? Let me know your thoughts about Angels in the comments below.

PPS: Still skeptical about the existence of Angels? Check out this journalistic enquiry into the world of Angels: https://littlesparksofdivinelight.com/2017/01/20/angels-a-journalist-investigates/

PPPS: If you need help with receiving messages from your Angels, check out my Intuitive Guidance section to book an Angelic reading with me.



4 thoughts on “7 things I wanted to tell you about working with the Angels

  1. Hi, thank you for the info. I will be picking up the book. I know A. Ariel lead me here. I’ve been working a lot with her. Do you work with her? ~Lucy

    1. Hi Lucy! Thanks for reading my blogpost! Yes, I received a message that AA Ariel was one of my Angels and I was studying biology and climate change for a while, so I thought she was helping me through that. I also feel she is helping every one to raise their vibrations so we can ultimately ascend as the same time as Gaïa. What do you think? 💗 😊

  2. I had been surrounded by angels probably for my whole life but i didn’t know that that were them.I perceive them as energy,invisible thought forms or anything that comes to my life that makes me feel good.I know they were around me when I found some good books,songs,clothes…They were arranging my whole wonderful future without me even realizing it.I discovered that later along the way.I think they didn’t wan’t me to know to much,so that it would much more enjoyable when it starts happening.I wish the could have stoped me from my want of knowing future.That’s worst thing that happened to me.I now live focused od the here and now as much as possible and I love to accomplish steps that they are guiding me to make.

    1. Thanks Ivana for reading my post! I know that Angels are always with you, I can feel you’re very connected. Me too, I had a strong desire to know and control the future. I think it was because I was so scared and I wanted to control my fate but I have now realized that we can’t control everything and that whatever may happen, we are not alone and we will be guided through our challenges. Having faith is the most difficult but it becomes easier with time. Thanks for your comment! I wish you a beautiful day. 💗 😊 🌸

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