My Angels and the License Plate Number

I think I have always heard my Angels, ever since I was born. I don’t remember clearly our connection but I have souvenirs of them speaking to me sometimes.

For example, I was 3 years old and at kindergarten,  the teacher was upset and screaming at me. I could not understand why the screaming and what could have possibly triggered such ire.

“Grown ups don’t like when you don’t follow their instructions. Your teacher has a lot of kids to take care of and if everyone would do only as they pleased, she would not be able to do her job. That’s why she’s upset. If you always do as she says, she will not be upset anymore.”

I didn’t know that! I hadn’t realised! After that moment, I always followed instructions in school.

Later, I was 6 years old and starting primary school. I had no friend. Already, I had troubles connecting with the other kids. It seemed everyone had friends but me. I was sad. I couldn’t understand what I did wrong. The Angels reassured me that a friend was coming soon. One day, a little girl transferred from another school into my class. She was alone. She had no friend, yet. The Angels told me:

“If you go speak to her, she will be your friend!”

“Well, I prefer she comes speak to me”, I replied, because I was very shy. I was afraid she would reject me.

“That’s not going to work. You have to go and speak first. Otherwise you can stand here with no friend. Or go over there and you will have a friend. I promise she will not reject you. She will be happy. She is going to be your best friend!”

I felt a gently push and before I knew it I was introducing myself to the new girl. She was named Rachel and she became my best friend up until she moved away 3 years later.

Despite these experiences, it came a time during my teenage years when I was not paying attention to the angelic voices in my mind anymore. I don’t know why but without realising it, I had forgotten to believe in Guardian Angels or spiritual guides. Maybe it was because we didn’t speak about this in school or with my parents. Maybe because I was too busy with puberty to really pay attention. Maybe it was something else.

But one day, something happened that made me realise that you do benefit from communicating with your Guardian Angels; and it could even be life saving.

I was about 14 years old and I was walking down the avenue of my small village, to the bus stop; a bus that would drive me to school. It was early morning, the weather was really nice and I could smell the beach down the avenue. There was nobody around. It was a very small village, very peaceful and quiet. Nobody was up and about at this time.

Suddenly a car appeared at the other end of the avenue and was coming in my direction.

“You see this car? Memorise the license plate numbers!” Somebody was speaking to me inside my head. And it was not scary. Just confusing.


“Memorise the license plate numbers of the car!”

It came like an order. The voices were very authoritative and very loud.

“No, I don’t want to. Is this a game? I don’t want to play games!”

The car was coming closer.

“Memorise the license plate numbers! It’s important!”

“No! I can’t. That’s a lot of numbers!”

The car was almost there.

“Stop on the sidewalk! Take out a notebook from your bag and write the license plate numbers down!”

“No! I don’t want to have this written in my notebook! For what?”

“Tear a page from your notebook and write the license plate numbers down!”


“It’s important!”


The car stopped by my side.

The argument was over. The voices were silent.

The driver, a man, rolled down his window.

Shit, I thought. I will actually have to speak to him.

“Excuse, he said, do you know the directions to the woods?”

As I leaned to answer him, I saw that his thingy was out and he was masturbating, looking perversely at me.

Repulsed, I threw my body away from the car and looking away, I indicated  a direction. “Go this way.”

“Oh perhaps, you’d like to come with me. We could have a good time, alone in the woods.”


Looking at him right in the eyes, I stood up tall and said: “I need to get to school now!”

I turned around and left. The car went away, in the direction I had indicated. The bus came and I went to school.

I thought about telling this to my mum, but since nothing really had happened I didn’t think it was worth mentioning. And I knew it would made her angry.

The rest of the day went smoothly but the next day …

Well, the next day, my small school was in a riot.

Everybody was speaking about the pedophile!

After “speaking” to me, the man went to the direction I had indicated and came about another little girl, younger than me. This time around he actually exited the car and tried to force her inside. Luckily, she shouted with all her might and several people came outside their home to help. The man left really fast.

Heavy guilt felt all over me. It was my fault, I thought. After all, I had told the man to go in that direction. I was responsible, I felt. I went apologised to the little girl. But she didn’t hear my apology.

All she was concerned about it was that somebody else had the same experience as her and that I should speak to the police too, so they would know that she was not lying.

And so an appointment was taken. A police officer would come to my home in the evening to take my testimony a report, in presence of my mom. As he laid down his typewriter on our kitchen table, and my mom was glancing at me with an accusatory look, I told my story.

The officer read the report to me.

“Is this correct?” he said.

“Yes!” The car, the masturbation, the woods. Everything was correct.

“Now one important thing, sweety, did you memorise the license plate numbers? Perhaps you wrote it down in your notebook? or on a piece of paper?”

Looking down: “No”, I muttered.

I noticed he used the same exact words as the Angels.

“It would have been really helpful! Do you know how long it’s going to take me to find this car?’ Two days, in fact. It would take him two days to find a car corresponding to the description we gave him in the database.

I was feeling guilty and sorry. I should have listened and do as I was told. The Angels were right. It was important.

Later we learnt that the man was married and had a daughter our age. The police took his daughter to the hospital for a gynaecological and a psychological exams to see if he had ever abused her. He had not. They interrogated his wife. She had no clue her husband would try to do something like this. She later filed for divorce. The man was judged. He was written on the list of sex offenders, was barred  from any job that would require him to be in contact with children and had to follow therapy.

Interestingly, the police also asked him why he didn’t try to kidnap me. After all, the avenue was deserted. Nobody would have seen me or heard me. I was very small and weighted very little.

He replied that something about me, something about my posture, something about my tone of voice, suggested that I was not interested.

Damn right, I was not interested! 

I think the Angels were protecting me in some way. Even though, I didn’t complied with their order, I guess they were enveloping me with an aura of “Don’t touch her. She is off limit.”

I learned a lot from this incident. In particular that I should really pay attention to my guides. But it didn’t quite become a habit just yet.

In the next post, I will tell you about another instance when I didn’t listen to the Angels, and regretted it very much, as I almost lost a friend.

Until then, let’s remember that we are constantly safe and protected by an invisible army of winged warriors.

“Me, my loved ones, and our possessions are safe and protected by Heaven”

Sending you Love and Light,


PS: If this story resonated with you, leave a comment below. I would love to hear your stories.


From Doreen Virtue Magical Mermaids and Dolphins Oracle Cards.

3 thoughts on “My Angels and the License Plate Number

  1. I enjoyed your story. I’ve always wondered when people say you r protected by your angels but some r not obviously because they r killed or hurt. Is it because they r not asking for protection? I don’t think you were at that point. I have been spoken to but don’t really know by whom, angels, guides, etc. I would like to communicate with them more. Tips on how would be nice. Thank you. Paulette

    1. Thanks Paulette. I am really touched that you read my story. From what I gathered, your Angels will not protect you if it is your time to go. Some of us are only meant to be here on Earth for a little while and, even if it is sad from our perspective, it was their choice to leave early. That being said, I also believe some people get hurt and into accidents because they are reckless, don’t follow the security rules, and/or don’t listen to their Angels. There are also cases, I believe, when the accident was wanted by the Soul, as a way to learn and grow from the experience. Some people have been through fire and were changed for the better, so maybe it was pre-destined. In my case, I was not asking for protection, because I was so naive, I didn’t think I was in danger, but I was still protected maybe because I gave my Angels the permission to act unconsciously, or maybe because I was just a child. To communicate with your Angels more, you can ask them questions, you can ask them to appear in your dreams, you can do a guided meditation (there are a lot for free on youtube) where you meet your guides. The more you trust your intuition and your guidance, the easiest it is going to be. Some of our guides are not angels, they could be fairies, unicorns, mermaids, dragons, … So maybe that’s what you are experiencing? Have you tried oracle cards to communicate with them? If you need help with that I do offer readings. Check my “Intuitive Guidance” page for more infos. I hope this helps. Angel blessings – 😇 💖 💐

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