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Like Obelix fell in the magic potion when he was a little boy, I, too, fell in the esoteric cauldron when I was a little girl.

[Sorry for the reference, but as a French girl of the 80s, I grew up with Asterix and Obelix, the indomitable Gauls, resisting forever and ever against the Roman occupation – with magic potion!]

My parents were both esoteric science enthusiasts and they transmitted me their passion. I grew up questioning the world around me, intuitively searching for parallel worlds, universes, and portals – existing beyond what the human eye can see.

I would endlessly – and unsuccessfully – try to vision auras and to astral travel, and try to understand some of the new-age gibberish in my parents’ books.

In our investigation into the invisible realms, a book stood out for me and my mom; so much so that I had to buy my own copy so I could take it along my many moves from France to Germany, to Switzerland, to Norway, to Mexico, to …

“Enquête sur l’existence des anges gardiens” by Pierre Jovanovic.

Inquiry into the existence of Guardian Angels. Available here:

Here is the book jacket resume:

When Pierre Jovanovic was a reporter for Quotidien de Paris, he had just finished an interview and was driving home on a Silicon Valley freeway when he was suddenly hurled to the side of the car by a mysterious force. Seconds later, a bullet crashed through the windshield and buried itself in the back of the passenger’s seat. Highway patrolmen told him that if he hadn’t moved, he would have been killed instantly. Shaken and curious, he began to compare notes with other journalists, many of whom were war-zone survivors. Most had had some kind of comparable experience of being snatched from death by an unseen hand. Pierre began to interview authorities on near-death experience: Melvin Morse, Kenneth Ring, and Elisabeth Kubler-Ross. He collected first-hand accounts of the appearance of spiritual beings from adults and children all over the world. Voraciously, he began to read about the lives and Angelic accounts of the saints. The book is the sum of his investigations and includes eyewitness accounts of the experiences of pilots, doctors, and journalists; interviews with leading near-death researchers and scientists; interviews with modern saints and visionaries on their mystical experiences from the Middle Ages to the present.

Click here to read excerpts from the book:

Finally a book that made sense to me. A logical approach to the Angel phenomenon.

Until then I had thought, either you believe or you don’t.

And then Pierre Jovanovic arrived and said: let’s take a look at the actual facts and think rationally – like the journalist he is.

Who can see Angels?

When do they ‘appear’?

What do they do when they appear?

Why don’t they save everyone?

What does the Church say about this? And the other churches?

And finally what is the purpose of the stigmatised Saints that still live amongst us today, suffering in the name of Jesus?

And I loved it.

It was the first book I read about Angels that sounded like a scientific investigation. And it was refreshing to hear a down-to-earth adult who believed in Angels.

This book didn’t convince me that Angels exist, it made me realise that it was ok to start investigating by yourself and look for angelic signs in your day-to-day life, to start the dialog, in a way.

If you are skeptical but open minded, this book is a good way to start. If you know about Angels, this book is still fascinating and presents the Angels from another point of view.

Sending you Love and Light,


PS: I also recommend reading the Asterix and Obelix series, especially if you are or you have children learning French. The charm of these personages may have withered but I sure hope not.

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