How to find True Love in 7 (easy) steps

Here I want to share a recipe to find True Love in few easy steps.

I started to search for love when I was about 14 years old and met my soul mate at 26, and during the 12 years in between I made a lot of mistakes.

You can read my story here:

So I am introducing this guide to you, in the hope that it may help you reunite with your soulmate.

1. Stop looking

I know it may be hard to understand but when you “look” for something you are in fact affirming that you don’t have it. And this energy of “lack” will bring in more “lack” in your life, including the lack of love. So stop looking!

On the contrary, be grateful for the Love that is already in your life, even if it is not romantic Love. Notice it and cherish it. By doing that, you are affirming that Love abounds in your life and this will bring in more Love.

I remember being exhausted always searching for my True Love, in every places, in every circumstances, at all times. So exhausted that one day I told God that I was finished looking. That if He wanted me to stay alone for the rest of my life, without ever having a family, I would be incredibly sad but I would be Ok. And if God wanted me to find someone, He would have to do the work, I was done trying.

A few weeks later I met my future husband.

It is the same with many other love stories, it is when you stop looking, that you find it. So, stop looking and start enjoying your life right this moment.

2. Let go of expectations

If you really want to find True Love, then the who, when, where, and how is up to God.

As a teenager, I read a lot of romantic books: Harlequin, Barbara Cartland, and others, etc. So I had a pretty good idea of how I wanted to meet my soulmate and how he should look like and what he should be doing. None of which worked out to be true. I didn’t recognised him at first, that is maybe why the Angels told me plainly: “This is your future husband!”.

He/She might not look like what you had in mind.

He/She might not be the person you had in mind.

You might not meet him/her where you thought you were gonna to meet him/her.

And for the “when”, it is really up to God!

There is a phrase in Hindi saying “Marriages are made in Heaven” meaning that before we were born, we were already coupled with our soulmate in Heaven.

3. Understand Divine Timing

There is such a thing as Divine Timing. And in love it is even more important because God will deal with 2 souls at once, who have both free will.

He/She might not be ready to meet you. That is why, maybe, you have to wait.

When I was in high school, I had this romantic idea that I was going to meet my soulmate at 14 years old and he was going to be my first love, my only love, and I was going to marry him at 18.

It didn’t work this way, because …

When I was in high school in Cherbourg (France), he was in high school in Mexico City. When I moved to University in Caen (France), he was at the Tec University in Monterrey (Mexico). When I moved to South of France, to finalise my masters, he was in Canada as an engineering intern. Finally I moved to Germany to enrol in a PhD program while he was working in Houston. We met as part of our jobs during an expedition on a scientific research vessel in the North Atlantic.

It would have been really difficult for us to be high school sweethearts.

I was single and he had just broken up with his girlfriend before boarding the ship, so the timing was perfect but I had to wait 12 years from the time I starting dreaming of him till the time I finally met him. All the while wondering what was wrong with me.

4. Heal / Release old wounds and hurts

There is nothing wrong with you!

Very often during these 12 years, I was wondering what was wrong with me, why wasn’t I loveable?

But there was nothing wrong with me and there is nothing wrong with who you are!

You are loveable and you deserve Love. Be true to yourself because your soulmate will love you for being you, otherwise he/she would not be your soulmate. It doesn’t matter how you look, how much money you make, what kind of job you do, because ultimately it is about two souls already paired together, before being born, who will recognise each over.

Also important: get rid of jealousy. Your friends being in happy relationships or even married with babies don’t subtract anything from your life. It’s not like there is a finite supply of Love and they are taking away yours. Jealousy is toxic, please get rid of it.

And don’t compare your life to other people’s life. Each life path is unique! It really sucks when everyone around you is married and you’re still single but sulking is not helping your case! Affirm: “My life is in Divine order and I now move in harmony with the Universe.”

It will be much easier to attract True Love if you can love yourself and heal your past wounds, and your broken heart, first.

There are many ways to do it. My favourite would be a meditation with the Angels and the Archangels.

Doreen Virtue with Hay House has a free meditations on Youtube called “Cut the Chords of Past and Present Pain with Your Healing Angels”:

5. Use your time wisely

So you understand Divine Timing and you know your soulmate will come when it is the right time. In between, enjoy your life!

Think about it this way, what do you want to tell your soulmate about you when you meet him/her for the first time?

How you backpack through China alone?

How you learn Japanese or photography or vegan cooking or … ?

What accomplishments would you feel proud of? Go do that.

Go outside, meet like-minded people, join a group of people that shares your interests. My advice to you is to enjoy being single as much as you can. First, because happy people are attractive and second, because once you are in a relationship and you have built a family, you free time will be limited. So enjoy your life right this second.

6. Ask your Angels for help

and the Mermaids, the Fairies, the Unicorns, the Ascended Masters, and any catholic Saints you feel drawn to. Here in Mexico, they have Saint Anthony who specialises in bringing people together! 

They know who we are meant to be with.

We are never alone, here, on Earth. Our Angels and our guides are always here with us to help us and guide us towards our happiness. They know who we are meant to be with. Trust your intuition because they may be sending you messages about your Love life and you may need to take action.

You can also ask your Angels to speak with your soulmate’s Angels to speed up the process. Tell them you are ready to meet him/her and that they should work to bring you closer together.

7. Consult an expert

When you feel lost, down and confused, it might be time to consult with someone. From a professional counsellor to a “Love Coach”, there is a number of people available for help.

My favourite thing again is to speak to Angels and ask them for guidance. As an Angel Intuitive, I do offer Angel Readings: go to the “Intuitive Readings” section to learn more. During a reading, I will ask your Angels, the Archangels, and your Spiritual Guides for advices, and action steps you can take to find True Love, as well as a healing to help you heal the parts of your life that may prevent you from finding your soulmate.

My prayer is for everyone who feels lonely to know that they are never truly alone and they are always guarded and guided and that lots of human help is available, as well.

Sending you Love & Light,


PS: Let me know what you think in the comments section below. Or tell me about your amazing love story …

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