The Witch of Bahnhofstrasse

In honor of Walpurgis night, May Day and Beltane, and of the witch that I, maybe, was one day, and of all the witches, that are bringing healing to the world with their gifts, I would like to tell you the really weird story that happened to me in the middle of the very posh Bahnhofstrasse in Zurich, Switzerland. 

So Bahnhofstrasse is this street in downtown Zurich that runs from the train station up to the lake. It is a very famous street lined with the luxurious designers such as Prada, Louis Vuitton, Yves Saint-Laurent, Navy Boot, Tiffany, Cartier, Chopard, Breguet, Longchamps, etc. The famous chocolate and macarons maker Sprüngli. In winter, you can see a crowd of ladies and men wearing their fur coat going down the street.

My husband and I, when we were living in Zurich, when we would go for a stroll in the city we would pass this street, often.

One Saturday afternoon, when the shops were still opened, we were going through the crowd in the direction of the station, when I spotted a weird old lady walking a bit in front of us. Something had attracted my attention to her. Maybe it was the words she was muttering to herself: it didn’t sound Swiss-German, or German, or French, or Italian, or English, or any language I heard before. It sounded weird and archaic. Maybe it was the clothes she was wearing: it was spring and the weather was nice but she was heavily clothed. I thought she’s old, maybe she feels chilly. But, somehow, I couldn’t stop looking at this lady. We were walking. She was still muttering.

Suddenly she backs down and picks up 2 little sticks of wood from the floor. That’s weird, I thought.

Before I could think about it any further, she makes a cross out of them, and suddenly out of the crowd, comes in our opposite direction, very out of place, a guy dressed like crocodile Dundee. With the hat, the leather jacket without arms, the necklace with the crocodile teeth!!!???

I didn’t have time to tell my husband, the weird lady throws herself at him and she brandishes her makeshift cross in his direction with force 3 times while reciting something with great conviction.

“OMG, she cursed him!”, I thought. By reflex, I immediately said a prayer in the direction of crocodile Dundee guy who didn’t seem to realize he had just been cursed, or something …

Now I am walking slower. My husband is poking my arm “Did you see the witch?”

“Right?”, I said, “I am not crazy! She just cursed that guy!”

“Yes”, my husband said, “what do we do? We accelerate or we slow down?”

“We stop, I said, I don’t want to walk with her.”

And the “witch” disappeared in the crowd …

Did she really cursed him?

Was she really a witch?

Did the two know each over?

Did she pick him randomly in the crowd?

Did she know he was going to be there at that place and that time precisely?

Is she a crazy person?

Am I the crazy person, here?

So many questions unanswered … the clash between these 2 people and the rest of us, peacefully shopping on a Saturday afternoon, was striking.

What is your take on that?

Just in case:

I know some people, really anyone, can put a “hex” on you or send you negative energy in some ways but the good news is you can also get rid of it.

One way to clear yourself of negative energy is to ask the Angels to clear you through meditations, and here are some free mediations on youtube:

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Sending you Love & Light,


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