Interview with: Anna Frolik

The period of Easter is upon us and with it the energies of rebirth, rejuvenation, abundance, fertility, and the hope of a new life.

“Transformation” is the word I associate the most with Anna. Actually, the first time I met Anna, she was then called Barbara. I met her in 2011 during a class on Oracle Card reading that she was giving together with Christina Sander nearby Zurich (Switzerland).

Interview with: Christina Sander

I was a research assistant at one prestigious research institute in Zurich but my contract was ending and I was very unsure of what would come next, plus I was 3 weeks pregnant with my first child. I went to this class because my Angels were pushing me. They told me: “Christina and Anna are going to be part of your “soul tribe” one day in the future and you need to feel how it feels like to be around people like them” [as compared to the “science” people, I understood].

And so I went.

Anna, who is an incarnated elf, and the only one I met so far, has a very strong presence, standing tall like a tree, but looking closer into her eyes, there is a frailty, a fragility, that says she has been through a lot.

Her name change was only one of the transformations she went through. She switched from a successful career in copywriting and web design to be an Angel Therapy Practitioner and helping divinely inspired entrepreneurs to design the life and business of their dreams.

She took me on a journey, as a passive observer, through blog posts and YouTube videos, of her amazing voyage throughout the continents and forests. She was a soul searching for a home and finally found her Wonderland in the Canadian forests, along with a loving partner and his beloved cat.

Now let’s speak to Anna.

Hello Anna and congratulations on your upcoming wedding!

Thank you so much Gretta! It’s my pleasure to be here with you today.

Are you going to change your name again when you get married?

Very honestly, I haven’t decided yet. I have been thinking about it for sure. The part of me that loves to be romantic would absolutely love to share my husband’s last name. I’m also somewhat attached to my current name though—simply because I’ve grown very used to it, and because there are some practical considerations as well. Many people know me under my current name, although I don’t think it would be a huge problem to change it! In the end, I’ll let my heart decide as always.

And why did you change your first name in the first place?

Anna has actually always been my real first name. My parents chose to call me by my middle name when I was little, that’s why I went by Barbara for the first 31 years of my life (with some exceptions in my early twenties). I’ve always liked Anna better though. It just feels more like me.

After my time with Doreen Virtue in Hawaii, I felt guided to go by my full name on social media, and it didn’t take long until people naturally began to call me Anna. In many ways, it felt like coming home and being seen as the real me for the first time in my life.

A couple months later, I found out that Anna means “gift” in Elvish (Sindarin*), which I thought was kind of neat.

*From Lord of the Rings, J. R. R. Tolkien

That’s so nice!

Anna Frolik

Let’s starts from the beginning: You are an incarnated elf but a star child / star seed as well.

Do you actually remember a past-life when you were an elf?

Yes, I actually remember several of them—although an elf wouldn’t necessarily consider a new incarnation a different lifetime. Elves understand that in truth we all live eternally, so basically we simply travel through time and space, we explore the universe, and we can change our physical appearance as well. Elves are natural shape shifters, and many of them are actually hybrids of many different kinds of magical beings. In addition to the elven realm, I also identify with my fairy aspect very much, and I remember being a mermaid as well.

To return to your question: I have several memories of being an elf here on Earth as well as on other planets. Back in 2012, I was surprised to discover that parts of coastal BC, where I now live with my fiancé and where I also lived as a child, is actually ancient elven land. The elves are still here today, but in a different dimension which can be accessed through portals here in the area. There is also a connection between coastal BC (Vancouver Island), the Hawaiian Islands, and ancient Lemuria.

I must say I love all the forests you visited and where you lived. It feels very elfin. Do you mean that part of Vancouver and the Hawaiian Islands belonged to Lemuria?

Yes, there definitely is a connection! What I know is that Hawaii was part of Lemuria, and there is an energy portal that connects the islands today (meaning Hawaii and Vancouver Island).

Do you remember of other past lives?

Yes, I remember quite a few of them, both as a human being as well as in the magical realms.

The elves originally came to Earth from outside of our solar system. That’s why they still adore the stars and feel very connected to the cosmos. One of their home planets, which I lived on as well, was destroyed a long time ago, whereafter many found a new home here on Earth.

Do you know or remember why or how this planet was destroyed?

I’ve had a few flashbacks of the planet being destroyed by fire, most likely by force. The fire looks as though it could have been caused by a volcanic eruption, but it feels as though there was an outside influence as well—perhaps a hostile species that was interested in destroying our world for whatever reason.

When I look back, I can see myself and other members of my species running from the fire, some of us manage to escape, others stay behind.

Were you in Lemuria, Atlantis, and Avalon like many lightworkers?

Yes, I remember all three of them. I feel very connected to Avalon and remember being a priestess there. I also had several incarnations in Atlantis—as a mermaid at first, later on I took on human form. I don’t remember Lemuria quite as well, but I did retrieve a few memories when I was studying Atlantean Healing™ with Birkan Tore in London.

Can you tell us more about your mermaid life? I heard this a lot that some people who lived during Atlantis were mermaids and mermen.

I actually believe I’ve been a mermaid on quite a few occasions. My original home planet, meaning the planet my soul incarnated on for the very first time, was a water world. The Atlantean mermaids were mostly Lemurians who felt drawn to the waters surrounding Atlantis, but who eventually also got curious about the land and took on human form so they could interact with the Atlanteans more easily and explore their way of life.

When I think of Atlantis, it seems to me that my mermaid life there was lots of fun. Some of my later memories aren’t quite as pleasant, although I believe that Atlantis was a beautiful and peaceful place until it was destroyed in the times after the Golden Age.

When we met in Zurich, you were getting ready to travel to the UK. You were about to start your journey as a gypsy! As a child I always loved the word “gitane” (gypsy in French), which evoked to me travels by caravan, beautiful garments, dances with castanets, and mysteries of tarot reading and magic spells.

So how was it for you?

Embarking on this journey was perhaps the best decision I’ve ever made in my life. It was an exciting adventure—although it wasn’t always easy. Not having any roots and traveling all by myself was a very vulnerable space to be in. I learned a lot about myself, about life, about God and faith, and I also worked through a lot of my childhood trauma during that time. Nonetheless, I’ve never regretted any of it. I wouldn’t be where I am today if I had never taken this first step into the unknown.

It was as much as finding the “right” place for you to be but also some soul searching, right?

It was mostly about freedom as well as following the call of my soul. When I left Switzerland, my main intention was to be free to travel and be fully devoted to my spiritual path. Returning to my childhood home in Canada came as a bit of a surprise, although it was definitely a dream come true. (One that I had almost given up on.)

Did you realize your family name is Frolik as in “to frolic”:  to gambol merrily; to play in a frisky, light-spirited manner; romp?

Which seems very aligned to what you were doing.

Yes, I did know that. And I agree, it describes me quite well 🙂

I remember a video of you, you were in the wilderness somewhere, and you didn’t have internet, you couldn’t look for an accommodation, you didn’t know if you would find gas soon. All this felt very unsafe to me, very scary. I thought I could never do what you were doing.

Very honestly, I mostly felt very safe in the wilderness—with the exception of a few times I had nightmares about bears breaking into my tent, or that morning I couldn’t start my car in the middle of nowhere. One of the most intense experiences I remember is being kicked out of a friend’s place in Los Angeles about half an hour before midnight. Or the time I was locked out of my hotel in Brighton because I had made a last minute booking and the owner had decided to close the hotel for the day after a big party they had had the night before.

What these experiences have taught me: Miracles are always right around the corner. No matter what happens, there’s always something good that comes out of every situation. With faith, everything is possible. Everything we need is truly always right now, even in the midst of the most challenging circumstances.

And it was during that time that you met your “Twin Flame”, which is different than a soulmate. Can you explain what a “Twin Flame” is and why we usually don’t have our “Twin Flame” incarnated with us on Earth at the same time as we do?

My take on twin flames has actually changed quite a bit since that time. The man I met back then was the closest possible match I was able to attract at the time, and in many ways, I went through a classic twin flame experience with him.

What I learned later on my journey is that things are actually a bit more complex than I first thought—but also much more simple in other ways. The way we perceive twin flames from our human perspective has a lot to do with our current state of consciousness, which means that we experience duality and polarity differently than we would see it from a more spiritual perspective. On the higher planes, there is no separation, therefore I believe that the idea of souls being split in two after their creation is coloured by our human perception of duality more than being absolute spiritual truth. Although there is definitely a concept of individuality in the higher dimensions as well. Absolute oneness only exists at a source level.

Basically, our twin flame is our most exact mirror. On a source level, that would be God. On the human journey, our twin flame is the one who is able to mirror our own divinity most closely, but who is also our polar opposite. In many ways, it’s more of a spiritual experience than a physical one. We constantly evolve, therefore what we see in the mirror changes as well.

Depending on where we are on our journeys, meeting a twin flame type partner can be an opportunity for healing, or it can be an opportunity for service. Ultimately, the more we come into wholeness and the more we learn to embody our divinity, the more the twin flame connection becomes about spiritual service.

A soul mate is a member of our soul family. Someone we feel close to because we recognize each other on a soul level, and because we’ve often had many incarnations together.

Thanks for clarifying this!

It was also during your gypsy time that you were channeling Aliens, some ET. Can you tell us who they were, and why they were coming to you?

I believe the extraterrestrials I was communicating with were members of my soul family. Some of them were elves. In some cases, I felt as though I was remembering scenes from my own past incarnations in other worlds.

When we think in general of Aliens, it feels very scary. Stephen Hawking reportedly says that it may not be in our highest interest to seek out the ET. Why shouldn’t we be afraid of Aliens?

I believe that the idea we have of aliens is strongly coloured by what we have learned from science fiction movies. What my own research has shown me is that many extraterrestrials are actually very loving and spiritually more evolved than we are here on Earth. In many ways, communicating with an ET is very similar to communicating with an angel, or even with another human being.

Of course, there are dark forces out there as well, therefore it is always important to have good discernment when communicating with any spirit being. It’s also important to remember that nothing ever happens without our consent, therefore it is entirely within our control whom we choose to communicate with.

Generally, we attract guides who are most qualified to answer the questions we have in a specific area, or who are simply members of our spirit team (soul family) and who are here to support us on our journey of healing and soul evolution.

What did you learn from them? Are there some messages you can share with us?

Most of the questions I asked my star traveler friends were about ascension and life in the other dimensions. For instance, I wanted to know how exactly they travel through time and space and what exactly happens when they shape shift.

Very interesting!

There are a lot of channelers on the net for various aliens, is there some channeling you trust?

To be very honest, I don’t follow any of them at this time. However, there is one lady whose YouTube channel I discovered back in 2010 and who inspired me to start my own channeling journey. Her name is Magenta Pixie (you can find her channel here:

Thank you for that.

Transitioning to Jesus! You recently got baptized and you have a special connection with Jesus Christ. Do you want to tell us why? And how this transformed your life?

I have always had a strong connection to Jesus. I remember secretly reading the Bible as a child and getting all excited when I read about Jesus’ second coming. Jesus was also present in the beginning stages of my spiritual awakening in 2010. I spent many hours talking to him and praying for a more personal connection with Christ.

Later on, I found Christ through the suffering I experienced on my journey. I went from studying the law of attraction to applying the principles I had learned about to realizing that even though there was truth in these practices, there was also something deeper that couldn’t be understood intellectually.

In moments of immense pain, turning to God was the only thing I could think of, and the only way to find true peace.

It’s been a long journey of healing both for myself and my partner. Last year, we both went through some rough times emotionally. I spent a lot of time praying, and each time God listened. But finally, he answered in a powerful way.

After praying for healing one night, I had a beautiful dream in which I received a visit from a young man who did some healing work with me. He prayed for me and told me that now was my time to let go of the pain of the last few years.

The next day, my fiancé received a phone call from a disciple of Christ who lived in the same town, but whom we had never connected with in person. He asked if he could come over with his wife in the evening. The moment they walked through our door, I could feel the presence of the Holy Spirit the way I hadn’t felt it in a long time. It was a very special moment.

They prayed for us and baptized us with the Holy Spirit that night. A few days later, we got baptized in water on Vancouver Island.

What happened then is a long story. Looking back, things have definitely changed dramatically since then, for both of us. It took a bit of time, but we’ve both found a lot of inner peace, new joy, and we’ve been able to let go of a lot of fear that was holding us back from loving with an open heart.

I’ve also had to face some of my past trauma in connection with religion and religious communities though, so it hasn’t just been an easy journey.

It is interesting because Doreen Virtue just got baptized and told us that from now on she would teach more about Jesus Christ and that he wants to help and we need his help here on Earth at this time. Can you comment on that?

I didn’t actually know that about Doreen, but I’m not surprised. I know she recently published a new deck of cards featuring messages from Jesus (Bible verses).


She has shared a meditation with Jesus for free and said she has received a vision of him pouring healing energies into the world at our darkest hour.

and lately she discussed more in depth her vision of Jesus of Nazareth:


She is saying that she feels like Jesus is calling out his lost folk and that would be the reason why people are called to get baptized. She said the baptism she received was very meaningful. And I thought there was a lot of similarities with your story and with other people feeling the need to get baptized at this time.

I have definitely noticed this trend as well. Since getting baptized last year, I’ve witnessed quite a few people (especially in the new age community) taking this same step. I believe that this may be part of the “second coming of Christ” as described in the Bible, although for some of us I think it’s also an opportunity to balance some of our collective karma in connection with religious persecution and the suppression of the divine feminine in previous centuries. For myself, that has definitely been a theme. (Bringing the divine masculine and feminine back into a state of balance and harmony.)

I do believe though that Christ consciousness is the gateway to the next level of evolution for us here on Earth, and it is vital to create lasting peace and unity on our planet.

People feel drawn to Jesus for different reasons, some are seeking healing, inner freedom and peace, for some it can be an opportunity for a fresh start in life, for some it’s a simple desire to be closer to God. On a more global level, I strongly believe this is connected to the creation of the New Earth.

What I do want to say is that I like to look beyond the concept of religion, and I don’t feel that Christianity as a religion is the answer—at least not for everyone. I see Jesus as someone who is here to bring people together, not to separate them based on their religious beliefs, culture, gender, etc.

Do you have a special message from Jesus that you would want to share with us?

I’ve had quite a few dreams about Jesus in the last 6 months or so, the last one just a couple nights ago. One thing he always likes to emphasize: In the eyes of God, we are all the same. We are loved unconditionally no matter what our accomplishments in life, no matter what mistakes we’ve made, no matter what conditions we were born into, and no matter what our status in society may be. We may be imperfect in the eyes of man, but we are perfect in the eyes of God—and knowing this totally sets us free. This, I believe is the real message he came here to share with us 2000 years ago, and it still is a very relevant message today. Where there is love, there is unity, and where there is unity, there is peace.

So true!

What I like about you is that, we can look at all what you accomplished in your life and say: “It is OK to let go of everything I build until now and start again from scratch.”

We don’t need to stay enclosed in a business or a way of living that doesn’t resonate with us anymore.

We are always evolving and it is fine to not know what we will be tomorrow, because we may need to serve in various different ways, and so we need to be in the flow, ready for the next transformation.

Yes, I truly believe that life is a continuous journey of evolution. Change can be scary for us human beings. We tend to get attached to what we know because that is what feels safe to us. For the soul, being stuck in routines and stagnation is like dying a slow and painful death. The soul loves to explore and constantly seek out new experiences.

For myself, learning to let go of the fear of the unknown has been profoundly liberating. When we learn to live in the present moment and enjoy the journey as much as we can, that’s when all things truly become possible. In the end, this really is the only way to enjoy life.

As an intuitive, in general, what do you think about 2017?

So far, 2017 feels much lighter to me than the last few years. Numerologically, 2016 was the end of a nine year cycle, which means it was a year of bringing things to completion and letting go of old baggage to make room for a fresh start. 2017 is a “one” year—a year of new beginnings.

To me, 2017 feels joyful and expansive, but there’s also a sense of greater inner peace. For many lightworkers, this is a time to embrace our gifts on a new level and share our wisdom more openly and courageously. I feel that there has been a shift in the collective in recent times that has allowed us to let go of a lot of old blocks and fears around being visible with our gifts, and there is a sense of being more free to live our purpose in an expanded and more authentic way.

I really feel that it is still going on and that we were pressed to let go of what is not working for our highest good so that we can be free to express our Soul.

Something (healings, classes?) that changed your life?

There are certainly many classes and programs I could mention here, but studying with Doreen Virtue in 2011 was definitely life changing. I also still love Atlantean Healing™, a modality I learned from Birkan Tore and which I recently felt called to reintegrate in my work.

In many ways, studying with Doreen marked the beginning of my gypsy adventures—when I came back from Hawaii, it was clear to me that my time in Switzerland was over and that I wanted to be free to travel from place to place. I also started my first spiritual business (named Elven Magic) right after this class. And for the first time ever in my life, I got to meet a whole family of like-minded others, many of whom I’m still friends with today.

Atlantean Healing™ was important for my healing journey, and it was also a place to reconnect with soul family.

From all the classes / workshop you took, what are the ones you liked the most and you would recommend to people?

As mentioned above, both Doreen Virtue’s Angel Therapy® class and Atlantean Healing™ with Birkan Tore were amazing. I also enjoyed the “Awakening the Illuminated Heart” workshop with Drunvalo Melchizedek.

In your past work, what is the thing you taught or did that you are the most proud of?

Publishing my first deck of cards, the Magical Heart Healing Cards, was definitely very special. I also loved sharing my 100 Day Reality Challenge on YouTube back in 2011 and 2012.

In the future, what would you like to teach or heal?

I certainly have many ideas. I feel that there will be a time to write more and perhaps publish a book. Right now, I’m primarily focusing on growing my coaching practice, which I absolutely love. As a creative person, I also know that getting back into creative mode is something that will happen inevitably sooner or later. And, perhaps I will teach my own healing modality someday.

Speaking of healing, you worked a lot with business owners to help them start a new business or help them make the money they really needed. I definitely used a lot of your advice on your blog to start my own blog. So thank you for that.


But recently you started to work with people’s soul archetypes. Do you want to explain us what it is?

I’ve actually been doing this work for a long time—it’s part of pretty much all of my coaching programs, but have been sharing more about in recent times.

When I first began my work with the other realms in 2010, I kept getting this feeling that I had once lived in these realms myself. About half a year later, my first memories began to come back, as explained above. And, I soon realized that I wasn’t the only one. What I know today is that most souls have had incarnations in many different worlds, on different kinds of planets, and in different dimensions. Many of the people who feel drawn to my work feel strongly connected to the elemental realms, or they are star beings who feel a bit lost on planet Earth and who need some help figuring out how to work with their gifts effectively in the Earth realm while also living happier and more fulfilled lives here.

What I’ve noticed is that each realm has its unique preferences in terms of how they work best in the business world, and each realm also manifests differently, especially when it comes to money and relationships. In other words, our soul history can give us important clues to our life purpose, to our unique gifts, and to how we can best work with our strengths to create the results we desire in life + business while also feeling happy and fulfilled in all ways. Generally, when we are most aligned with our unique soul essence and purpose, we are happiest and we also manifest our heart’s desires most easily.

For example, faeries work best when they can express their playful and creative side, and they need nature close by to be happy. Elves love variety and change, therefore they need to be flexible in their businesses and need a way to integrate ALL of themselves in their work while maintaining a clear focus in the present moment, otherwise they quickly get bored, or they’ll find themselves on a never-ending journey of searching for their purpose and never really being ready to commit to anything fully, which can be super frustrating for an elf. Angels are happiest when they can serve others, mermaids are great musicians, poets, and counsellors, and so on.

Learning about our soul history can also give us insight into soul level blocks that are holding us back from living our purpose and manifesting our desires with ease and joy. For instance, many “wise ones” have difficulty manifesting fulfilling romantic relationships due to vows of celibacy they made in previous lifetimes, or they can experience financial problems in their businesses if they mostly lived in spiritual communities in the past and therefore never needed to learn how to make their own money.

Atlantean souls often have a fear of losing control of their gifts due to their trauma in connection with the Atlantean experiments. And many lightworkers have intense fears of being persecuted for their gifts, which is mostly related to the witch hunts and the Inquisition in the middle ages and Renaissance era.

In my practice, I focus on both of these aspects, meaning that first, my clients learn more about who they are on a soul level so they can align their businesses and manifesting strategies accordingly, and I’ve found that Atlantean Healing™ is very effective to clear the soul level blocks.

Thank you Anna for this amazing, wonderful, magical interview!

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 ✨ Personal notes from Anna ✨

Who is your favourite Archangel? Or do you have someone in your spiritual guiding team that you are very fond of? Like Doreen Virtue loves Archangel Michael, for ex.

I don’t connect with the archangels as often as I used to, but at this time, Michael and Raphael are my favourites. I also talk to Jesus a lot, and there is a spirit guide named Christopher whom I love. He is an ascended master whose last incarnation was during the Golden Age of Atlantis, and he is a carrier of the Christ consciousness. He first appeared to me in a dream in 2011 and has been with me ever since.


Is Loretta a part of your spiritual team?

I’ve never really thought of her that way, but who knows? In a way, we are all part of each other’s spiritual team 🙂

Favourite self-care practice?

I love journaling, taking baths, and spending lots of time in nature.

A book that changed your life?

A Little Book of Powerful Prayers by Stormie Omartian as well as everything by Louise Hay and Eckhart Tolle.

Favourite crystal?

Clear quartz crystal.

Favourite flower?

I love roses!

Favourite essential oil?

Rose and rosewood!

Favourite holidays?


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