7 ways to bring more “Divine Light” into your home

A few years ago, my contract with the Swiss research institute, I was working at, was terminated and I decided to relocate to Norway, with my husband, and a baby in my belly.

Transitioning from “busy research associate” to “housewife” was not going well for me and I resented being responsible for all the domestic chores, the groceries, the cooking and making a baby.

I remember complaining to my Angels a lot about cleaning the house. Basically, I had never been a domestic goddess and was not ready to become one.

My Angels told me: “Make it fun!”

As always, when something in my life is annoying me or stressing me but I still have to do it, my Angels would suggest me to find a way make it fun – especially if it is a daily thing, like house chores, or commuting, or working out. “Make it fun!”

They showed me first I could put some loud music and dance while cleaning up. Usually my house is very, very quiet. I don’t listen to any music at all. As a clairaudient, I really appreciate the naked silence. Otherwise some sounds of nature or quiet meditation music.

So the Angels were saying to put some catchy music on, dance while dusting away and moping, and I later found myself really enjoying the music I actually had on my Mac but never listen to.

The second thing they brought to my attention is the witches and their brooms. I had read an article about how “witches” or women in general would sweep the floors with their broom and the movements made by the broom and the little dance of the women around the house would in fact clean the house of cluttered energies that would be laying around. There are many witchy rituals concerning the clearing of your house with a broom or bosom.

It’s not really about casting a spell but cleaning with purpose and intent.

And I thought: Why not, as I am cleaning the house, also get rid of the energetic gunks that are not serving us anymore, and ask the Light to come in?

Energetic residuals can be the energy that is left after you have a dispute with your spouse, or the stress you’re bringing home from work, or the fear you get from listening to the news, etc.

Here are 7 ways you can use to clean energetically your home and raise its frequency.

  1. Broom sweeping. Obviously, thank God, vacuuming works too: it’s all about your intention. As you clean your floors, hold the intention to get rid of any lower energy stuck in any part of your house. Always broom or vacuum from the inside towards the outside (the doors). Open the windows to let the fresh air in. 
  2. Use eco-friendly products, like tea tree oil home-made cleaning products. The essential oils will help raise the vibrations of  your home naturally. 
  3. Declutter within reason. It’s not that my house is messy, but there are areas where clutter accumulates. It’s fine but clutter has an energy of its own and when the time has come you might want to clean the cluttered energy away, even if it’s only twice a year. Ask  Archangel Michael or Jesus, if you want, or your Angelic guides to show you the problematic areas in your space. 
  4. Once everything is cleaned, light a candle in the middle of the house, or where everyone gathers, like the living-room, and ask for the Lord’s blessings or for Divine Love and Light to fill this house, to bless all my family, and pray for protection. 
  5. To further clean the house, I additionally used to put the CD “Chakra Clearing” by Doreen Virtue. She used to say that it would clear the energy of your house very efficiently.   https://www.hayhouse.com/chakra-clearing-2 I heard Doreen now uses the psalms songs to obtain the same effect but in a Jesus-centered way.  
  6. Additionally, bring in fresh flowers, any white flower will cleanse and purify the energy in your home. If you feel bad about buying fresh flowers every week, have some potted plants in your home. http://energyfanatics.com/2016/07/20/12-plants-for-clearing-negative-energy-in-your-home/ My home was full of orchids at some point. Burn some incense sticks, or smudge, or light up a Himalaya salt lamp, etc. http://soundofheart.org/awakeningdaily/content/12-spiritual-plants-clearing-out-negative-energy-and-bad-vibes Read about orgone. There are many “accessories” you can use to help you raise the frequency of your living space. I had Angels and Fairies pictures and trinkets everywhere. 🧚🏼‍♀️ 🧜🏻‍♀️ 😇 
  7. If you live somewhere where there is harsh energy around, you might want to use your doormat, or the door entrance to affirm that everyone who passes its limits will be cleansed of all negative energy they are bringing with them, or turned away if they are not coming from the Light. Or buy one that says that on the doormat. Like “Good vibes only”. You can also set the same intentions for each window, if you are afraid of someone coming through … 

Finally, after cleaning up, I would freshen up, sit in front of my white candle, with a cup of coffee or tea, and thank the Divine for all the blessings surrounding me and my family, enjoying the fact that we were all healthy, that we had a roof above our head, food in the fridge, … and a fast internet connection. 😜

It must have worked because I had some guests coming to me, who were not into any Angels or woohoo stuff, coming to me and saying: “I really like the energy in your house. Here you feel warm and welcomed, comfortable, like you’re not being judged. It’s very peaceful and quiet. And it’s like there is a lot of love around.” 🤷🏻‍♀️ So if they can feel it, you will feel it to.

May your home always be filled with love and laughter and Divine Light.

Sending you Love & Light,

Gretta 💗💗💗

PS: My husband insists on me being honest with you all. So I used this procedure when we were living in Bergen, Norway. As I am writing this, we are now living in Mexico, in a much bigger house, in a tropical climate and we have decided we would employ someone to come clean the house twice a week. So, to be honest with you all, no, I am not doing all these steps anymore. 😁 But I assure you it works! 👍🏻


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