Little Sparks of Divine Light

Three years ago, after I graduated as an Angel Intuitive with Doreen Virtue, I decided to create a blog to share my Angelic and supernatural experiences with the world and propose some intuitive guidance. Then I realized that I first needed to find and pay for a domain name.

I didn’t know how to call my website but I knew I couldn’t use my name and family name, as a domain name, because I didn’t want people from the Science community to look me up or look for my science papers and come upon my website. You see I was a Paleoceanographer before and I wanted to keep the two worlds separate.

So I started to think about names but a lot of obvious names were already taken: angelintuitive – ask-angels – askangels – speakingtoangels – and the likes …

I started to think outside the box and was looking at names like … sparkling nuggets of Angels, shiny rainbows of wisdom, Fabulous times of feather wishes, Shiny children of dreams, Glittery stripes of sparkles, …

[I know most of these names don’t make sense, but I was brainstorming]

Anyhow, it lasted almost a year. I was becoming really frustrated: this was difficult!

One night, I was sitting on my bed, again brainstorming for ideas.

“It has to sound angelical”, I was thinking, “but not necessarily have the word “angel” in it, like feathery something, or rainbows of stuff …”

Suddenly, I heard a little, little voice coming from my right side, as if someone tiny was sitting on my forearm.

A Fairy! 

“Are you not going to speak about us?”, she asked me, sounding sad, upset, vindictive, and reproachful, all at the same time.

“Of course”, I told her, “I will write about Fairies, and Unicorns, and Mermaids, and Dragons, and Crystals, and Dolphins, etc.”

“Well can you not find a more inclusive name? It’s not all about Angels!” 😒

Oh boy! She was right. I had to find a more inclusive name.

Back to the drawing board!

I looked at my piece of paper, with all the names I had written down, that were useless now. Frustrated I thought this was going to be even harder!

Fed up, I decided to go for my shower.

As I was just getting up from my bed, I suddenly saw in my mind’s eye some pieces of a puzzle coming together.

“What’s this?”, I wondered.

Then I saw the pieces had words on them. There were four pieces. It was like little something divine light … something.

“What? Can you repeat this?”, I asked, “What was before Divine Light?”


“Little Sparks of Divine Light”, she repeated.

By this time, I was in the shower … I saw the worlds in firing letters in my mind.

This was a perfect domain name!

We are all little sparks of Divine Light. The Fairies, the Angels, the Mermaid, the Crystal, all creation, basically, is or contains a spark of Divine Light. That was inclusive.

My ego came in: “It’s such a good name: surely, it is already taken.”

I quickly went out of the shower and checked and, no, the domain was still free. I bought it the next day. And now you can visit my website and my Facebook Page.

And I have to thank the Fairies for it!

We are all connected to each over, throughout time and space.

Day by day we are all trying to reconnect to the Divine Light.

We are all Little Sparks of Divine Light.

Gretta 💗 💗 💗 

PS: Let me know of all your Fairy stories below in the comments.

PPS: Check out my Fairy readings, in the “Intuitive Guidance” page.

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