2018: the year of UNITY

One afternoon, as I was working on my blog, AA Michael sort of tapped on my shoulder: “I have a message for your readers for 2018. Do you have time to write it down?”

“Sure.”, I said.

He said: “I have a word for next year, for humanity to concentrate on: “Unity””.


You know how some people, instead of or along with, making new year resolutions, would choose a word, a theme, to work on in the next year. Like “love” or “abundance” or even “sexy”.

Well the word chosen by AA Michael for humanity, as a whole, as I understood it, is “Unity” and after our conversation, I saw this word written in many places.

Unity: the state of being united or joined as a whole.

Coincidently it is the theme of my blog “Little Sparks of Divine Light”, a title given to me by the Fairies (read here: https://littlesparksofdivinelight.com/2017/10/17/little-sparks-of-divine-light/)

It’s about realizing that each and everyone of us is a “Little Sparks of Divine Light”, along with the animals, plants and flowers, crystals, aliens, the unseen realms, etc.

More importantly, there is no “us vs them” mentality in Heaven, we are all equally important, all equally special to the eyes of Heaven, all equally loved, and all coming from the same Source.

It would be a huge mistake to assume than some are less important, less cared for, or less deserving of the Love and Light of the Divine. But it is a mistake we make constantly, everyday. God has as much love for you as for the worst person you can think of, dead or alive. The Love of God is unconditional and unlimited, that’s a difficult concept to wrap your head around. It is often misunderstood and overlooked, but we need to try. That’s the only way we will have Peace on Earth.

Remember the world is not what it seems. You need the eyes of God to see the truth and you can, actually, ask your Angels to enlighten you to the truth.

Remember that it is the darkest souls that need the most Light and by helping them remembering that they are Light, as well, and they can attract more Light, we are contributing to lighten up the world, in more ways than one.

AA Michael is forever helping us, humanity, in its search for purpose, freedom and connection to the Divine. You can call on him often, everyday, walk with him, work with him: He is here to serve the Divine and to help us serve the Divine. To teach us how, and to take care of us when we are scared, to give us courage to take actions that feel unsafe but are divinely guided.

The social order of the world will, again, be shaken up in 2018. This is necessary in order to build a new world. Old traditions, old institutions that do not serve its people anymore, tyrannies all around the world, have to fall down so the new can be build up anew. Do not be afraid of the social changes you will witness in 2018, of the lies discovered, of the righteous social uprising, etc. All is well. Pray for peace. Pray that, what is corrupted will fall, gently and peacefully.

We have gained unprecedented freedom these past decades, more than our grandparents had in their time, more than, maybe, all history ever had. It is time for us to learn how to use our freedom to build the life and the world we want for ourselves.

The Law of Attraction, the magic is real but little understood. Whether we are aware of it or not, we are constantly manifesting something. Learn, explore, test the law of attraction this year and see what you can create.

It is time for the Lightworkers of this world to spread the Light and Love and to teach, to show others how it is done, how we can create the life of our dreams.

When you follow your divine guidance, it is almost as if you are dancing through life: you follow the flow gracefully, you pray instead of worrying, you know that you are magical, infinitely supported by the Universe, and that you can manifest anything you want. You know that challenges are opportunity in disguise.

For most of us, 2018 will be a time of expansion, of building on what we have brought to life in 2017, to nurture it, to let it grow and see how everything develops in 2018. Give special care and attention where it is needed, so it can grow into something we like and need.

I was then guided to pull out two cards from the AA Michael Oracle cards deck by Doreen Virtue:


Such a powerful card. It reminds us that we do, indeed, have the power to change our world, to influence our governments, the way they govern, to act against the poverty we see in the streets, to help in the defense of the environments and the animals, etc. We are not meant to be passive, we are major actors of this play.

Pray for Divine guidance as what you can do to change the world. Remember you don’t have to do anything alone, we are supported by the Divine and by our brothers and sisters in the Light.

I like how AA Michael is painting a Unicorn in this card. Really, the Unicorns are coming here to show us a better way of living our life, of managing this world. They are coming here to teach us new concepts, as well. You can call on them for guidance and protection.


This card reminds us to speak up.

We have to let people know how we feel. We have to make sure “we” are heard. That our opinion is known.

It’s a call to educate others, to sign petition, to write blogs, or songs, or poems, etc.

I see it also as a situation where we will have to come together to peaceful demonstrate against … whatever, from defending our liberties, to stop the next nuclear war, to oblige our governments to sign the treaty on climate change, etc.

We can, if we so desire and ask, be Divinely guided in our political actions.

In other sense, this card reminds us to pray for what we believe in. Here is a powerful video about praying and water with Pat McCabe, a Lakota and Navajo activist:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OeeAMNxuqio

It’s the second time I hear this, about the power of water, from two different sources. First praying over water intensifies your prayers. Second, as water evaporates, your prayers and intentions are transported through the clouds wherever and as water is transformed in rain or snow, your prayers are landing somewhere in the world where Light is needed.

Isn’t it beautiful? ✨

Sending you Love & Light and my warmest wishes for 2018.

Gretta 💗💗💗

PS: Questions? Comments? add yours below.

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