Little Girl, Big Dreams


What if the sole purpose of us becoming adults was to realize our childhood dreams?

One of the adults who made my childhood a little less somber is Roger Leloup. Leloup is a Belgian cartoonist responsible for the comic album series of Yoko Tsuno, an electrical engineer of Japanese origin, kind of Wonder Woman, but with 2 PhDs and a pilot license.

Pure of heart, humble, fighting for freedom, equality, and spirituality, she was the perfect role model for me.

During her adventures Yoko meets with some people from outer space, coming from the Planet Vinea. They look exactly like us except for their blue skin.

Khāni, a Vinean, and best friend of Yoko Tsuno (album 27 by Roger Leloup: Le secret de Khāni)

When Roger was asked how he got the idea, he replied that, when he was a child, he had to stay in his father barbershop while his father was working. On the wall, there was an old advertisement for Nivea cream. But Roger, being dyslexic, always read: Vinea.

On top of that, the colors on the paper had faded away: the model now had blue skin, making little Roger think that the cream was turning people blue.

When he started working on Yoko’s albums, he remembered that and the rest is history.

During the interview, Roger said something that really resonates with me, at the time:

“It appears that, sometimes one needs to wait until adulthood to be able to recount one’s childhood dreams.”

What if the most important thing in the world, the most sacred thing we possess, are our childhood dreams?

What if the sole purpose of us becoming adults was to realize our childhood dreams?

Think about that for a second … when you were really small, what did you want to do?

Your vision of the world was different. There was no limitation imposed on your reality, yet.

You thought everything was possible. You believed in Santa and spoke to Fairies!

You had no doubt about your purpose here. Nobody had told you, yet, that what you wanted to do, or become, was too difficult, or impossible, or too expensive, or that you were just too ambitious.

You knew your life purpose but you couldn’t express it clearly.

Today, if you feel guided to, take a trip back to your childhood. Dig up an old photo of yourself, of when you were a toddler, or 3 or 5 old and gaze into your eyes, and ask this version of you: “What did you want to become?”

And then ask yourself: “What would you change today to bring your life in alignment with your original dream?”

Personally, I remember I wanted to be a Fairy Princess Angel, or an Angel Fairy Princess, and a bride (it was important for me to be a bride, for some reasons).

Myself, 3 years old.

I have no idea why I wanted to be an Angel Fairy princess. Nor why I couldn’t choose between being a fairy or being an Angel. And Angels don’t have princesses, so I don’t know where that came from.

My mom even made a Fairy princess dress for me, it was purple, and a magic wand with a star at the end, and I was magical and would transform my reality into something better.

I had a magic wand and was not afraid to use it.

There was no money problem, none of my dolls were sad and I would grant all of my best friend wishes. All our needs were met and we were deeply loved. The world was safe and we were free. Ah … good times!

When pressed by the adults round me to tell them what I wanted to do when I grew up, they didn’t like my answer of Fairy Angel Princess, so I would tell them I wanted to be a teacher. Like my mom.

Long story short: I went to study a master of Marine Biology at a University in Normandy, then went on to complete my PhD in Germany and became a researcher in Paleoceanography in Switzerland.

It’s only in 2014, at 37 years old, that I took the first steps into living my childhood dreams of being a Fairy Princess Angel.

After getting pregnant with my first, and leaving the science field, after 2 years of semi-depression and soul searching, I became a bit clear on what I wanted to do with the rest of my life, and trusted God and the Universe enough to take the first steps towards my dream life.

I became a certified Angel Intuitive in 2014, then a certified Archangel Life Coach in 2017 and started this blog and giving Intuitive Guidance. I teach about how magical life can be, and use my magic to transform the life of people. Like a Fairy Angel Princess would do!

It’s never too late to start living the life of your dreams. Because:

“Where there is a Divine will, there is a Divine way.”


Even if it seems too late or impossible, if something you wanted to do as a child, if the Divine has intended for you to pursue this dream, Divine support, Divine help will be available to you.

If you embrace your life purpose, miracles will happen.

“If you can dream it, you can do it!” Walt Disney

May you be blessed on your journey to rediscover your childhood dreams.

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Sending you Love & Light,

Gretta 💗💗💗

PS: Here is the link for Roger Leloup’s page on Amazon US, if you want to check his stories out:

He is 83 years old and his last album was published last June! And the next album is in preparation. Bless your Soul, Roger, and may I enjoy your art for a long, long time to come.

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    1. Aww! It sounds like you were trying to reunite with your twin flame. My little boy was always asking me “Mama! Where are my wings? Why can’t I fly?”

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